Data collection in order to predict behavior

People must seek THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE in all areas of life thereby raising the question WHY IS IT FORBIDDEN and WHO IS CONTROLLING IT, and, more importantly, it is necessary to demonstrate HOW THOSE WHO CONTROL IT PLAN TO AFFECT POLICIES, LAWS AND POLITICS in order to benefit from them.

Information is a new form of currency. The more personal and therefore the more revealing it is the more valuable it is. When I say personal I don’t mean just as it relates to individuals but as it relates to new design concepts for products.

The next wave of bio chemical chips and neural networks will be so much more powerful and will penetrate so much deeper into our daily lives, personal spaces, and into our daily bodies there is no wonder governments are already beginning to gather DNA samples and personality profiles and daily habits, and in general as much personal information as they can gather.

Will they use it to share it with corporations to help them design bio chemical and nano technologies that will be able to penetrate our personal space, minds and bodies, I would bet my ass yes. The both parties would benefit.

What will those new technologies include. Who knows.

So much information is being gathered about our daily behaviors that with a decent software and database one could predict our behaviors to an incredible degree. The film industry being a minor example. The amount and quality of data gathered by certain market research companies that specialize in target audience data gathering can tell you when people decide to go to bathrooms, that is at what point during your TV show, how long they stay there and what kind of toilet paper they use.

We are approaching the age where corporations will be able to build custom designed apps, software, hardware and materials that will be matching their target audiences’ daily needs thereby making it virtually impossible to avoid their product for it could be placed in front of you right when you need it.

It has never been more important that we prevent this from occurring by protecting our privacy, demanding to know what information is being stored, and by returning to natural ways of living. Not to mention exposing illegal data acquisition.

Military applications terrify me. I don’t dare speculate about them. Considering what some individuals are ready to do, it is better not to discuss it and give them ideas. Considering the amount of money invested and the sophistication, quality, depth, and precision of the data collection devices and processes I would imagine the information collected about us is collected for a good reason. There has to be a very good reason for it. A very good reason. Is the data sitting idly for no good reason. Perhaps. But perhaps the tools of data analysis and trend extrapolation that are being developed and tested are beyond our imagination hence the need for all the data. I could be speculating. But I doubt it. The amount of hardware and software required to maintain all the information is so tremendous because there is much information that to have it sit without any use for it would be crazy. Perhaps our governments are that crazy and fucked up. But I am more worried about their ambitions.

What is certain is that product development in all areas and in all industries is being not only directly affected by the customers’ very personal requirements but it is being shaped by them.

There is a great commercial vacuum that could be filled given if one could acquire enough information. That vacuum is the personal taste. The personal need. The illusion. The desire. If you can tap into that then you can offer the product that comes right out of the customer’s mind and is in a sense a safe bet. You as the manufacturer could know it is sold before you build it because you have extracted enough information from your target customer’s personal mind therefore you know what he or she desires. We are talking about getting access to the ultimate marketing plan, tool, strategy, an open access to a human mind. To your imagination. Your dreams. Your desires. For they define us more than our rational mind. In a way our rational mind is really being driven by our irrational ambitions and desires which we are unable to negotiate. We are unable to negotiate them and interpret them because we are unable to recognize them. We are unable to recognize our true desires and ambitions because our lives already so busy we don’t have any time to get to know ourselves. If somebody who knows how to use that weakness comes along and designs products that could help most people ‘awaken’ then our civilization could be plunged into a deeper state of ignorance and denial because most would be convinced they are getting exactly what they need. Never getting to know themselves therefore never getting to know what they really need. What is really good for them.  

And as the technologies which make it possible to create custom designed medications, clothes, and so on and so forth become cheaper YOUR PERSONAL information will become more valuable than your money. But it’s already too late. We have been screwed over. When the new more personal technologies and bio chem based computers finally kick in we will have nothing to use as a leverage against their ambitious design principles. We will not be able to avoid their products and services because you see they have already collected all the data about us they need. Or at least enough to enable them to begin to construct devices which will enable them extract even more information about us by penetrating into our personal lives and therefore digging deeper into our fears, desires and imaginations. Smart phone being the best example.Do we really know what information smart phones record about us. Are they recording everything. Our heartbeats, breaths, temperature, can they know when we are intimate. Do we know this. Can we be sure. Am I paranoid. Maybe I am.

But the truly scary thing is that if one can develop a database and a piece of software sophisticated enough to grow themselves and increase their ability to interpret and extrapolate trends as you supply more information to it then there is nothing stopping that software from becoming a truly powerful tool with which to predict trends if not behaviors of very small groups of people or target audiences. Not individuals but very close to it.

If you can anticipate individuals’ desires you don’t really need to control them. You need to find a way how to manipulate those desires and offer products that can manipulate and satisfy them temporarily.


Why all new ideas and systems have to be anonymous

The point is not the actual name use, the point is NOT TO ASSIGN new ideas and ideologies we promote to any person or group or institution. As long as we assign them to a named entity they become a property and suggest an ownership and imply a business relationship or that there are those who should follow or obey others’ ideals or goals. At the end of the day that is not a real change. It is a self serving product. As long as we create and distribute products we are asking people to consume them thus enslaving them with our product. Indeed, we must appeal to people’s natural sense of self governance and truth. Some of you might ask is there enough time? What is the alternative? We create a peaceful system and force it upon others? What will happen in a few centuries or less because there are fewer resources and more people. The same thing that is happening now. Those who do not find their own inner peace in their own time will claim peace is not good for them and will rebel.

We won’t be able to create technologies that can unite humanity until we learn to abandon the desire to control others

The greatest, right down laughable, irony regarding the digital realm and its support mechanism (the economic system) is that we continue to use new technologies in order to exploit fellow human beings, in order to create wealth and perpetuate the economic system, yet continue to claim new technologies will help us get closer together. How will they help us get closer together when the primary purpose of research is to develop the most efficient tool with which to exploit, control or supervise fellow human beings. Scientists, engineers, and designers are so self centered and so driven by the desire to create the next big thing that would get their names in textbooks they completely ignore the role of the ego in their research. What kind of being is ready to overlook the purpose of his or her invention in order to satisfy their ego and claim their level of intelligence is above the level of intelligence of their fellow human beings, yet the very product they’ve created is going to be used oppress their fellow human beings and themselves. Their purely logical intelligence completely destroys their emotional intelligence. Thus renders the product of their efforts not only useless and dangerous but destructive. Those products that are enabling us to perpetuate our desire to control one another, thus reducing our ability to become aware of that desire, are destroying the world.

Digital story telling as the ideological battle field


The following my fellow human beings is the statement that will eco in the annals of the human history for millennia to come. That statement is not only the defining feature of the digital realm and the truth battle that is taking place within it, it is the ultimate shape of all the future battles. The future battles that could, and if we continue with this level of ignorance, will emerge with the rise and expansion of the digital realm. The digital realm’s ability to be absorbed by arts, sciences and technologies, precisely because of its fluid evolution, is what is going to make all those other things dangerous. The threat is that the evolution of the digital realm will enable all areas of arts and sciences and all areas of human life to be observed, controlled and therefore predicted in order to benefit the creators of such technologies. People still talk about computers and chips and implants and digital devices. There will be no chips and implants. Everything is absorbing the digital technologies and it is being absorbed by digital technologies. Future children will not be able to tell the difference between hardware and software, between computers and non computers. Computers will be based on bio chem circuits and neural networks. Everything will contain digital components. It will not be necessary to think of computer chips, software, hardware. It will not be possible for future children to tell the difference between computer and non computer because computers will run almost everything.  The digital and non digital the physical and non physical, that is HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE are constantly merging to together to form a new construct of reality that is beyond our ability to observe objectively for we are constructing it. Yet we must attempt to grasp the key moments of our lives that are forming the foundations of the new construct that is constantly redesigning our lives (thus making it impossible for us to observe it). We must attempt to see the paradox if we want to be able to decide how the digital transforms everything or how everything absorbs the digital realm. Our very daily reality is being shaped by, via and through this digital medium. Washing machines, cars, trucks, elevators, watches, even shoes and jackets can be equipped with software. Forget science fiction movies. People will not be walking around with chips and implants. They will be equipped with neuro organic and bio chem organic circuitry. We are already building silicon and bio based chips. The following statement then rightfully sees the modern DIGITAL story telling as one of the final frontiers of the ideological and physical battle.


 “Feature films are the most powerful and insidious shapers of public perception, because they fly under the radar of conscious exclusion.


 This film is going to bury good people doing good work, at exactly the time that the state is coming down on their heads.


 It is going to smother the truthful version of events, at a time when the truth is most in demand.


 As justification it will claim to be fiction, but it is not fiction. It is distorted truth about living people doing battle with titanic opponents. It is a work of political opportunism, influence, revenge and, above all, cowardice.


 It seeks to ride on the back of our work, our reputation and our struggles.”

Julian Assange

Celebrities use charities and activism to promote themselves in order to increase their wealth therefore rendering their promotion of charities and activism irrelevant

I would really like all celebrities to stop promoting peace, love, equality, and especially humanity and humility until they start leading humble lives. They don’t need to suffer. Nobody should have to suffer, and especially not in order to prove they stand behind their words. However, humility and humanity and therefore peace cannot be achieved by acquiring wealth. Self centred charity scam promotions are not going to change the world. If they want to change the world they should donate most of their money, lands, and physical objects in order to fund homes, hospitals and schools therefore reducing their wealth to that of an average working class man. That would provide more publicity than any other even in history. Anything else is an arrogant, self centred, greed driven self promotion and needs to be exposed for what it is.

The true beauty is invisible precisely because it is so encompassing and total

Sometimes I get depressed because everything is beautiful but to self aware humans only that which is more beautiful than something else, something else which is always deemed ugly or uglier than that which is deemed beautiful, can be beautiful. I think it is so tragic that we cannot perceive the total beauty of everything, the universe itself, because we separate the universe into systems and elements. And we have to separate it into different elements. We have to because our mind is so limited, so limited that we cannot begin to perceive its limitations, therefore cannot begin to perceive that we are fragmenting our reality into elements we can grasp and deal with and accept, and that the reality is not that which we need it to be in order to understand it. Gold, cars, plastic, weapons. How trivial. How limiting. We are the galaxy’s star child standing in front of a gigantic intergalactic mathematical formula that’s written on a gigantic intergalactic blackboard. We are trying to solve the formula of life, however we cannot begin to solve it for we cannot see the end of the blackboard, we cannot see all the unknowns in order to begin to imagine possible solutions. To know that most people will go through their lives without realizing this fundamental truth of their existence, that everything is beautiful, and that they will spend their money and their irreplaceable minutes on trying to polish their diamond rings, and clean their rare Asian carpets and apply four coats of wax to their already polished new cars, and gather paintings and poems without ever being able to comprehend the dimensions and meanings contained within them, that the beauty they are trying to generate, acquire and hold onto fades in significance to what they are missing, makes me feel depressed. They have to look for ‘beauty’ in those little things they can acquire because they are missing the bigger picture. They are missing the whole fucking universe. The whole universe is beautiful. It’s so beautiful it’s depressing.

Meaning and its creation are not the true state of the world because they require perception

I don’t think there is any meaning in anything to begin with. The fact that we can create a meaning, any meaning, does not make anything any more meaningful or anything else any less meaningful. Things have existed and will continue to exist regardless of our perceptions of them or our opinions about them. We create ideas only to validate ourselves, the reality is, nothing but our minds needs to be validated or assessed.

Ego and conflict resolution

I prefer to avoid conflicts because I don’t believe in them. I do not seek personal gain from any situation therefore I tend not to associate with individuals with extensive personal and professional agendas. It is impossible to avoid conflicts with individuals who want to gain something out of every situation. Most negotiations, personal and professional, fail precisely because most individuals see any situation as an opportunity to gain something and not as an opportunity to learn how to understand the other person and their ideas. Therefore most people see negotiations or problem solving or conflict resolution as an opportunity to gain something thus their participation in it renders the entire process irrelevant. Instead of attempting to find a common ground and learn how to relate to the other person they use the occasion to justify why they are entitled to whatever it is they believe they deserve. This occurs because they remain completely unaware of the role of the ego in their ambitions, decision making and their relationships with other people. Thus the process of conflict resolution becomes another conflict because they cannot control their urge to justify their desire to acquire more of whatever they believe they are entitled to or deserve because they are unaware that the urge is ego driven and not entirely conscious and thus not entirely rational. They would have to engage in some fairly deep introspection in order to determine the root causes of their ambitions, desires, or what he or she believes are their rights.

Experiencing the unexplainable

The perimeters of normality are created & guarded by the ones who are afraid to allow their senses to experience that which their intellect cannot explain. Those perimeters will continue to be guarded by them until those who continue to seek new and unidentified elements that make up our shared reality have created a new dimension of emotional experience that will become an essential new element of human experience, just like language and speech have become. Those who fear to feel that which they cannot begin to understand will allow themselves to experience that which they fear only when they know it is safe to do so. It is because of this that we must not criticize them but love them and take care of them and understand their fears.

New perceptual tools

The question we have to ask ourselves is not what does it all mean. The truly important question is why does it all have to mean anything. If we were to alter our thinking patterns, which would have to be a planned and systematic decision, to allow ourselves to ignore most preconceived notions, theories and ideals about most signs, symbols and structures we would begin to create intellectual gaps and then we could begin to fill those gaps with new knowledge. This would mean new possibilities. As soon as we abandon one concept we being to search for a new concept to take its place because that is the nature of our brain. We are self aware and intelligent and therefore our brain cannot remain empty. As soon as we open our eyes we have to interpret what we perceive. The point is that we must attempt to see spaces and objects around us as simpler forms. We must observe them as forms without assigned concepts. This is really hard to do. I think I mentioned this before, most people when they think of the word home or a house think of a cube with the roof over it, a traditional brick house, or an apartment building. An architect is trained not to go beyond thinking about it in terms of the size of the space and its relation to the surrounding buildings and environments. In a way an architect first considers the entire space around the building he is about to design and continues to think about the house or the home as ‘the space’ that exists in relation to ‘the surrounding space’. In a sense he is not allowed to think of a house precisely because it is a cliché. So in way our objective must become first to notice cliché and then to turn them into signals that would immediately suggest that we must abandon them. One could write a book about this undertaking but I will stop there. If an architect were to begin and end with the idea of a brick house then all the buildings in the world look identical. Needless to say, any space could be separated from its surrounding space in an infinite number of ways. So must know and must convince people that that if we create an intellectual space within our minds for new possibilities to present themselves they will occur and they will provide us with new forms of definitions of ‘reality’.
By the same token (spaces and architecture) there are multiple ways of interpreting people. I cannot begin to think of a better example than Sherlock Holmes or should I say his creator Arthur Conan Doyle. I think that what’s enabled Mr Doyle to create such detailed, interesting and unpredictable characters, situations and stories was his ability to observe people not in terms of what they are as their physical being but in terms of how they interact with their environment and the people they encounter. I have become convinced that to Mr. Doyle there were no ‘people’. He does not see people or individuals. He does not observe them. He cannot think in clichés. He cannot think in clichés because he is focused on how an individual manifests himself or herself in terms of his or her actions. In particular, in terms of their actions on their immediate environment and on their own bodies. No two people open the door the same way, or hold a cup, or comb their hair, or adjust their hat. His impressions of people and environments thus his memories are not racial, national and persona clichés. His memory must have been a databank of unique mannerisms, actions, expressions, and environmental properties, and relationships between environmental properties and individuals. Hence it was possible for the writer to imagine new ways of solving crimes. A new type of thinking and crime solving methodology was an inevitable consequence of his perceptual capabilities, interpretations and intellectual mapping of those interpretations. If I am correct, I wonder how and why the writer’s senses thus perception managed to become so focused and deep. The writer made Sherlock Holmes say ‘How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.’ This is not entirely true or it is not one hundred per cent possible for this to hold for every scenario because some very, very rare phenomena can and do occur even though statistically/probability speaking they are next to impossible. Nevertheless, to me this saying offers a much deeper and a valuable concept from which we can learn. A person can lie about his or her actions or thoughts or we can perceive a person in terms of clichés. However, each person, when committing that particular crime, when at that particular crime scene or what is about to become a crime scene, will behave in her own unique ways. They will comb their hair the same way, hold their cup the same way and so on. Thus if one can locate and note those details at the crime scene and then extrapolate them and match them to a person or match the person to the effects left on the environment (the crime scene) plus additional, logical external motivating factors, then one can solve the crime. Thus the crime scene is always the sum total of the murder’s actions on it or within it and those actions will be unique. Only that one person will treat that space in that particular way. I think there is much to be learned from this. If we could begin to eliminate large concepts, such as nationalities and flags and skin color, and examine the actions of the people based on their regional position and their associated motivating factors we would get much closer to understanding their motivations. It would become much easier to anticipate their actions and possible outcomes. It would become much easier to relate to their being. This would require a great amount of ‘reductive’ thinking but we can begin to do it. Like i stated earlier, developing a useful methodology would require significant research (social psychology area) that would have to establish which areas to eliminate and how to begin the process.
I am convinced that developing a methodology or tool with which to replace clichéd thinking is a possible option. The alternative is to count that all people will become highly educated and highly perceptive. Not likely to happen. We have to create ‘new ways of perceiving’ and try to spread them, teach them in schools. How many people are likely to become as knowledgeable Arthur Conan Doyle. How many people can tell which part of Europe or America or Asia a person comes from based on how they hold their fork and knife and chair and from which side they approach the table or how quickly they sit down or stand up or what they taste first or how they regard women and if they look first at her eyes or hands or waist or if a person comes from remote area, or a rural area or inner city or whatever and so on and so forth. To acquire that amount of detailed knowledge about mannerisms and actions one would have to be a billionaire researcher with nothing else to do. We all know that is not going to happen.
Most people cannot acquire that much knowledge because there is not enough time. And if there were it would be boring and unnecessary.
Thus the logical and obvious solution is a new system of thinking. A short cut. Train people to notice their own thinking clichés and then skim over them and begin to look for new details. A new form of perception.
People this a part of a copy right paper. Lol.