Re: Sinead O’Connor’s statement re Simon Cowell Murdering Music
Music producers always made money from music and film producers made money from films. That is not the issue. The issue is the key controlling factors of the entertainment business have changed or shifted their positions. ‘Story quality’ in the film business and ‘vocal quality and performance quality’ in the music business. Way back when, at the end of the day, after all is said and done, after all wheeling and dealing, ‘music’ or ‘story’ used to be the important elements and they used to control all the other elements of the entertainment business. Cultural and social trends have changed and ‘music quality’ and ‘story quality’ are no longer the governing elements of the entertainment business. This is destroying ‘music’ and ‘story telling’ and humanity because anything that can shock and therefore make money because people are willing to see it or listen to it (because it is something they are not expecting to see or hear) is being made and distributed. I mean anything, violence, rape, nudity, weapons, animal cruelty, torture, anything at all. As a result we are becoming immune to violence and surprise and therefore need more and more and more, thus further reducing the amount of meaning we are allowed to embed in our stories and music and so on. This works for current mainstream film and music producers because their target audiences are expecting less and less (less in terms of narrative and aesthetic quality), they expect shock and surprise. Shock and violence require less talent and skill to produce and therefore more and more people are willing to try to create content.


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