I prefer to avoid conflicts because I don’t believe in them. I do not seek personal gain from any situation therefore I tend not to associate with individuals with extensive personal and professional agendas. It is impossible to avoid conflicts with individuals who want to gain something out of every situation. Most negotiations, personal and professional, fail precisely because most individuals see any situation as an opportunity to gain something and not as an opportunity to learn how to understand the other person and their ideas. Therefore most people see negotiations or problem solving or conflict resolution as an opportunity to gain something thus their participation in it renders the entire process irrelevant. Instead of attempting to find a common ground and learn how to relate to the other person they use the occasion to justify why they are entitled to whatever it is they believe they deserve. This occurs because they remain completely unaware of the role of the ego in their ambitions, decision making and their relationships with other people. Thus the process of conflict resolution becomes another conflict because they cannot control their urge to justify their desire to acquire more of whatever they believe they are entitled to or deserve because they are unaware that the urge is ego driven and not entirely conscious and thus not entirely rational. They would have to engage in some fairly deep introspection in order to determine the root causes of their ambitions, desires, or what he or she believes are their rights.


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