The greatest, right down laughable, irony regarding the digital realm and its support mechanism (the economic system) is that we continue to use new technologies in order to exploit fellow human beings, in order to create wealth and perpetuate the economic system, yet continue to claim new technologies will help us get closer together. How will they help us get closer together when the primary purpose of research is to develop the most efficient tool with which to exploit, control or supervise fellow human beings. Scientists, engineers, and designers are so self centered and so driven by the desire to create the next big thing that would get their names in textbooks they completely ignore the role of the ego in their research. What kind of being is ready to overlook the purpose of his or her invention in order to satisfy their ego and claim their level of intelligence is above the level of intelligence of their fellow human beings, yet the very product they’ve created is going to be used oppress their fellow human beings and themselves. Their purely logical intelligence completely destroys their emotional intelligence. Thus renders the product of their efforts not only useless and dangerous but destructive. Those products that are enabling us to perpetuate our desire to control one another, thus reducing our ability to become aware of that desire, are destroying the world.


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