The point is not the actual name use, the point is NOT TO ASSIGN new ideas and ideologies we promote to any person or group or institution. As long as we assign them to a named entity they become a property and suggest an ownership and imply a business relationship or that there are those who should follow or obey others’ ideals or goals. At the end of the day that is not a real change. It is a self serving product. As long as we create and distribute products we are asking people to consume them thus enslaving them with our product. Indeed, we must appeal to people’s natural sense of self governance and truth. Some of you might ask is there enough time? What is the alternative? We create a peaceful system and force it upon others? What will happen in a few centuries or less because there are fewer resources and more people. The same thing that is happening now. Those who do not find their own inner peace in their own time will claim peace is not good for them and will rebel.


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