People must seek THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE in all areas of life thereby raising the question WHY IS IT FORBIDDEN and WHO IS CONTROLLING IT, and, more importantly, it is necessary to demonstrate HOW THOSE WHO CONTROL IT PLAN TO AFFECT POLICIES, LAWS AND POLITICS in order to benefit from them.

Information is a new form of currency. The more personal and therefore the more revealing it is the more valuable it is. When I say personal I don’t mean just as it relates to individuals but as it relates to new design concepts for products.

The next wave of bio chemical chips and neural networks will be so much more powerful and will penetrate so much deeper into our daily lives, personal spaces, and into our daily bodies there is no wonder governments are already beginning to gather DNA samples and personality profiles and daily habits, and in general as much personal information as they can gather.

Will they use it to share it with corporations to help them design bio chemical and nano technologies that will be able to penetrate our personal space, minds and bodies, I would bet my ass yes. The both parties would benefit.

What will those new technologies include. Who knows.

So much information is being gathered about our daily behaviors that with a decent software and database one could predict our behaviors to an incredible degree. The film industry being a minor example. The amount and quality of data gathered by certain market research companies that specialize in target audience data gathering can tell you when people decide to go to bathrooms, that is at what point during your TV show, how long they stay there and what kind of toilet paper they use.

We are approaching the age where corporations will be able to build custom designed apps, software, hardware and materials that will be matching their target audiences’ daily needs thereby making it virtually impossible to avoid their product for it could be placed in front of you right when you need it.

It has never been more important that we prevent this from occurring by protecting our privacy, demanding to know what information is being stored, and by returning to natural ways of living. Not to mention exposing illegal data acquisition.

Military applications terrify me. I don’t dare speculate about them. Considering what some individuals are ready to do, it is better not to discuss it and give them ideas. Considering the amount of money invested and the sophistication, quality, depth, and precision of the data collection devices and processes I would imagine the information collected about us is collected for a good reason. There has to be a very good reason for it. A very good reason. Is the data sitting idly for no good reason. Perhaps. But perhaps the tools of data analysis and trend extrapolation that are being developed and tested are beyond our imagination hence the need for all the data. I could be speculating. But I doubt it. The amount of hardware and software required to maintain all the information is so tremendous because there is much information that to have it sit without any use for it would be crazy. Perhaps our governments are that crazy and fucked up. But I am more worried about their ambitions.

What is certain is that product development in all areas and in all industries is being not only directly affected by the customers’ very personal requirements but it is being shaped by them.

There is a great commercial vacuum that could be filled given if one could acquire enough information. That vacuum is the personal taste. The personal need. The illusion. The desire. If you can tap into that then you can offer the product that comes right out of the customer’s mind and is in a sense a safe bet. You as the manufacturer could know it is sold before you build it because you have extracted enough information from your target customer’s personal mind therefore you know what he or she desires. We are talking about getting access to the ultimate marketing plan, tool, strategy, an open access to a human mind. To your imagination. Your dreams. Your desires. For they define us more than our rational mind. In a way our rational mind is really being driven by our irrational ambitions and desires which we are unable to negotiate. We are unable to negotiate them and interpret them because we are unable to recognize them. We are unable to recognize our true desires and ambitions because our lives already so busy we don’t have any time to get to know ourselves. If somebody who knows how to use that weakness comes along and designs products that could help most people ‘awaken’ then our civilization could be plunged into a deeper state of ignorance and denial because most would be convinced they are getting exactly what they need. Never getting to know themselves therefore never getting to know what they really need. What is really good for them.  

And as the technologies which make it possible to create custom designed medications, clothes, and so on and so forth become cheaper YOUR PERSONAL information will become more valuable than your money. But it’s already too late. We have been screwed over. When the new more personal technologies and bio chem based computers finally kick in we will have nothing to use as a leverage against their ambitious design principles. We will not be able to avoid their products and services because you see they have already collected all the data about us they need. Or at least enough to enable them to begin to construct devices which will enable them extract even more information about us by penetrating into our personal lives and therefore digging deeper into our fears, desires and imaginations. Smart phone being the best example.Do we really know what information smart phones record about us. Are they recording everything. Our heartbeats, breaths, temperature, can they know when we are intimate. Do we know this. Can we be sure. Am I paranoid. Maybe I am.

But the truly scary thing is that if one can develop a database and a piece of software sophisticated enough to grow themselves and increase their ability to interpret and extrapolate trends as you supply more information to it then there is nothing stopping that software from becoming a truly powerful tool with which to predict trends if not behaviors of very small groups of people or target audiences. Not individuals but very close to it.

If you can anticipate individuals’ desires you don’t really need to control them. You need to find a way how to manipulate those desires and offer products that can manipulate and satisfy them temporarily.


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