One of the most beautiful and the most troubling things about life is that most people never realize, let alone negotiate, that what is contained within each one of us is so unique and so beautiful that it cannot be understood by others until it is converted into understandable and acceptable clichés thereby rendering the beauty of its source (the person) irrelevant, and reducing the original vision into a culturally acceptable cliché.

Therefore we remain unaware of one another’s true beauty and fail to realize that we should be accepted for our originality and not for our ability to fit in.

Then the truly powerful pieces of art or science seem to be created by the individuals who refuse to communicate themselves and their visions through clichés and invent their own systems.

Their systems are analyzed and interpreted by academics and critics and then fed to the rest of the population. Once people can understand the new ideas they realize their value and social and cultural changes occur.

We will not begin to be able to read one another’s deeper internal states of being or states of mind, what makes us unique, until we abandon the idea that we must categorize and group ourselves according to those categories.

We must change the purpose of ‘language’, meaning any language, in order to change the purpose of ‘communication’.

We must stop using the language, again meaning any language, in order to shape a person into a particular regionally acceptable citizen, instead, we must use the language to communicate that person’s originality.

In other words we must stop teaching people how to communicate in order to fit in and we must start teaching people how to communicate their originality and therefore to expect to encounter originality wherever they look.

I am talking about transforming our society from a ‘social groups system’ to a collective made up of unique individuals that do not need to form or belong to any particular group because the fear of not being accepted would be neutralized precisely because the expectation to fit in would be removed from all languages and replaced with the notion of ‘endless diversity’ thus rendering the notion of ‘grouping’ impossible.


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