There is quite a bit of talk about redesigning the environment. Yes, it needs to be changed. However, most people, especially the wealthy people, will not abandon the processes and systems which enable them to create their meaning because they have become emotionally dependent on them. They don’t see them as the system with which to create wealth. They see them as the system with which to create and perpetuate their meaning.

People, especially the wealthy people, will not begin to redesign the environment until specific emotional and psychological states and processes are changed and or replaced with other more compassionate states and processes.

The reasoning processes about wealth acquisition, just like any other form of reasoning or thinking or decision making, are influenced by logic and emotions and must produce outcomes that guarantee emotional and physical security (power, weapons, control, military, etc.)

It’s never going to be enough to present an architectural drawing or a working formula or detailed plan, because to those in power there is no clear reason why they should endanger the mechanism that is enabling them to create a stable state. The truly wealthy to do not live unstable lives. The wealthy do not view the world with as much uncertainty. The wealthy are not concerned with creating stability. For them it’s already there. They worry about perpetuating their meaning. Not about inventing it. The not so wealthy worry about inventing their meaning. Getting on the map so to speak. The wealthy can place themselves anywhere on the map.

This is a permanent source of conflict because it’s a state that cannot be changed. Not with current modes of discussion.

It does not mean the presentation is not clear of valid. The problem is that regardless of how viable the proposed project or system is, it is never going to be enough to force the elite to remove something which is perceived as an extension of their personality and which is performing the necessary function (making meaning).

We need to alter the elite’s psychological and emotional states in order to enable them to realize the error of their psychological and emotional states. Then , and only then will we be able to cause them to create physical changes to the world.

Yes, we must change how we educate people. I think, we must reverse the educational trend. We teach children how to master social and logical and economic concepts first and then we teach them about emotions and empathy. We equate emotions and empathy to philosophy and psychology and arts and say they are complex and not as essential. We continue to perpetuate the idea that we need to equip people with ‘the useful skills’ hence produce a class made up of individuals who are incapable of detecting their own emotions and desires and instincts, let alone assessing them or changing them. A working class. Trades and industrial skills. The notion that arts and psychology are not as important is creating catastrophic results.

It’s a problem whose origins can be traced to the prehistory period when we had to organize resources in order to survive and when it was not a mistake to do so because it enabled us to survive. However it is no longer relevant.

We have to develop a person’s emotional state first and then proceed to logic and then to social skills development. We stress ‘social skills’ and ‘logic skills’, perhaps that would not be a problem if they were not based on self preservation. Unfortunately they are and that is one of the reasons why we have created a world where it’s ‘every person for himself or herself’ and therefore we are going to continue to produce markets and competition based society. Of course I am making great linguistic and social science abbreviations here. Reducing the complex.

In short, I think, we cannot change what and how people think about the environment that is the world itself and cause them to change it without changing how they perceive themselves and other people.


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