My open letter to Mr. Russell Brand. Sent to him and posted on his Facebook page.

Dear Mr. Brand, after visiting your website, and seeing you are comparing yourself to Jesus Christ, Gandhi, Che Guevara, Malcolm X and so on, albeit jokingly, I must say that actions speak louder than words and while what you are saying can be seen as positive I will start believing it when you donate say 90% of your wealth and relate to the working and underclass, to which you are preaching, through more than just your colorful presentations. For none of those people said I am wealthy BUT LET ME TELL YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO IMPROVE THE WORLD. What you are doing could be seen as far more dangerous than hypocrisy. What you are really saying is you need to accept the wealthy and don’t expect them to change anything but you should go make your living the way you do, working the impossible hours and supporting your family, and not only that but you should fight to transform the world. Anyone who proposes what you propose, if they are wealthy as you are, must A ) use their wealth to help people and B ) must address other wealthy individuals and demand from them to dissolve their wealth and practice simpler lives. Telling middle aged mothers from some of the poorest areas of the UK to meditate and change is easy. Go and talk to Richard Branson and tell him to get rid of his islands and space programs, to mediate and to donate 90% of his wealth. Saying oh I am rich and that’s what it is but you need to fight to change the world is using the awareness and activism movement to justify your wealth. Gandhi owned less than ten items. Shoes, glasses, a bowl for food, and his clothes. No need for extremism but it puts things into some kind of perspective. Are you Mr. Brand one of the new kids on the block who are using the independent media and activism to build your audience and create more wealth, that remains to be seen, and will be confirmed by your actions.


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