The ego of the white people, myself being a white person, is way too big to acknowledge that the only way to save the planet is to begin to coexist with the natural world by continuing the ideologies and practices established by the world’s indigenous populations and which dictate that humans are not separate from other human beings, other non human beings and the natural world, and which require no economy or politics. Furthermore the white people, us, we are way too arrogant to acknowledge that the conquest was the wrong approach. Had we based our technologies on the systems established by the indigenous cultures and extrapolated from there and used technologies to deepen our relationships with ourselves and with the natural world we would have created equality, peace and balance and would have been able to travel to stars and other galaxies by now. Instead we are becoming more and more individual, separate, disconnected, detached and ready to do anything in order to preserve ourselves precisely because our ideologies and actions are reducing the amount of natural resources available to all of us therefore all of us have to become more and more selfish, cunning, violent and evil until we begin to exterminate one another and there is nothing left. After all, all resources are finite.


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