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An ego less system

It is obvious but I think PEOPLE MUST REALIZE THAT THE ULTIMATE AGENT OF CHANGE IS THE HUMAN BEING. Or more precisely, an individual human being’s psyche and emotional state and therefore our collective psyche and emotional state, our HUMANITY, are the ultimate source of change, not science and technology.

People need to understand that there are only two processes that can transform this civilization (my ideas but greatly generalized here, my convictions, exaggerated of course, lol, sorry, it’s my ego), only two processes and nothing else. They are related to each other because the first process creates the second process regardless of the nature of the physical world (technologically and scientifically driven, primitive, economic, without economy, etc.). The first process will always transform the second process regardless of era, race, nationality, location, etc.


The first process must be: our collective realization that we must begin to create an egoless individual and therefore an ego less civilization.

The second process will be created by the first process because once people realize that the ego has caused them to imagine, design, construct and maintain our physical world as it is now they will begin to realize that it is possible and therefore necessary to reimagine, redesign and reconstruct that world in order to create an ego less civilization.

It is why no designs, no theories, no engineering projects, no formulas, no social or political systems, no institution or organizations or groups can transform this world. It cannot be transformed while it is ruled by the ego. The nature of the ego, which is in a way outside of our conscious control (especially when it comes to unaware individuals who do not know how to observe their thinking), will always prevent the ideological ambition. We have to be aware that our ideological ambitions might be very positive and socialist but that’s because they are conceived and can exist within that logical part of our brain, and they are always imagined by intelligent and self aware individuals, but realizing them in the real world, especially sharing them with a large number of unaware people, is going to be disturbed by the nature of the ego. Or I feel that way.

When individuals begin to truly and genuinely and honestly imagine and then embrace and then experience the egoless state of their own mind and allow that dimension of their mind to change their character only then they can begin to act WITHOUT AN EGO and when they do, if they do, that particular way of being and acting will begin to transform the world regardless of the nature of the world. When people become egoless they will want to share all resources and it will not matter if we are in an economic system, a socialist system or a techno driven system. They will use the system, whatever it is, as the tool of ‘sharing’ and not as the tool of ‘self preservation’. Thus, the system, whatever it is, will become the tool of the egoless mind. In other words, I think, the system, whatever it is, is going to mimic the ego. Isn’t this existing system the best example of a selfish, self centred, scared individual.

The rise of the new empire of the individual (and why the economic system will not end)

Ladies and gentlemen it is time to wake up. If we continue to use the internet and digital technologies the way we do nothing is going to change because we are perpetuating the economic system. We are not going to see the end of corporations because millions of micro corporations are being formed right now. Every teacher, plumber, driver, engineer, musician, writer, welder, architect, tr…ain driver and so on, ad infinitum, is a creator, offering something of their own. That’s great. But each and every one of them is getting his or her own website and selling their services and products. Everything is for sale. Think about the consequences ladies and gentlemen. It is the golden hour of digital banking systems and hardware and software systems. There are millions of micro corporations performing billions of transactions solidifying the empire they are trying to fight. Oh the sweet irony of our collective ignorance induced by the ultimate need for self preservation.
We are stuck with ‘the digital’ in ‘the digital realm’ but we can change how we use ‘the digital’ within ‘the digital’. We should be developing an independent, separate,  digital realm that exists outside of the economic system. A digital realm that cannot be influenced by the economic system because it is not contained within it. Unfortunately, we are not doing it. We are not doing it because we are not realizing that it is impossible to fight the existing system by using its very own tool. Yes current digital realm is their tool because it is maintained by banks, economic/currency transaction monitoring corporations, and hardware and software corporations.
As long as we use it the way we do they are going to continue to grow. What’s worse they are continuing to grow within the digital realm, away from our eyes. Their networks are swallowing every dimension of human interaction and transaction. Yes, interactions and transactions that deal with strangers, friends, families and our own selves. We, our very own selves and our digital presence, are the things that are enabling them to acquire wealth. We must become aware of our role within the digital realm.

Flexible theories

What is becoming apparent is that it is not enough to change methods and formulas and language thus theories, it is necessary to begin to change how we perceive the universe and how we express and record our observations. Our thoughts and our record keeping have to become fluid and open to ongoing changes. But our established narratives are forcing us to hold onto concepts such as force, patriarchy, religion, society, authority, law, etc.

New concepts are so radical and intellectually demanding that most people cannot begin to grasp their importance and continue with their routines or they don’t care. We need to develop more fluid theories, and more fluid systems with which to represent them. I imagine three dimensional digital projections of our most important theories, especially mathematical concepts. I imagine them as large permanent floating constructs in laboratories world wide. Large floating projections made of numbers or letters or words or geometrical constructs, or all of them, and hopefully new signs and symbols, always switched on, always floating. Three dimensional representations of our total current knowledge for a particular field. Ready to be changed, examined, assessed, updated. A new kind of library. Rather than books and ridiculous notions of academia and authority. Our leading theories as concepts that we can play with. Like an intelligent toy of infinite complexity and which can be expanded in any direction and in any dimension at any time.

Our ideas and theories should be fluid digital constructs with regular updates and visible to all. We have to accept that all knowledge changes all the time and our acceptance of that inevitable fact should be demonstrated through how we represent humanity’s total knowledge. Not through books and dogma but as an organic three dimensional construct that can continue to grow precisely because it is not forced to be expressed in a medium which prevents its growth. It’s not that we don’t need books it’s that I am convinced that any books which are referred to as ‘the ultimate guide’ or ‘the definitive whatever’ in any particular area are intimidating and restrictive because their objective is to present ‘concepts’ as unchangeable elements. But that is not the case.

We need libraries and books but I think that our defining or leading theories should be expressed as fluid formulas thus making it clear that this is our story so far rather than this is how it is and must be. Our institutions are still trying to hold onto beliefs and ideologies and constructs because they are contained within books which are unchangeable. Our institutions, universities, governments, etc. see themselves as the guardians of the things that define us rather than sources of change. Religious theories and languages being the best example. Had they been represented in a non solid state we would have developed only one religion and only one language because we would have allowed them to merge. Unfortunately we continue to hold onto physical single dimensional objects (the good book, etc) which are limiting us in more ways than we can imagine precisely because our imagination is so limited by our limited theoretical frameworks and the physical objects within which they are contained. Nationalism, elitism, and fear of others will continue to exist as long as we represent humanity as fragmented national elements that need to be defended rather than as a unified theory of our shared existence, so far, which is what I propose we do.



Equality promoted by the wealthy must be proved

The extremely wealthy celebrities and other extremely wealthy individuals who are using the independent media and activism to promote self awareness, peace and equality without abandoning their wealth are attempting to neutralize the power of the independent media and self awareness movements. How so. If all the wealthy people start telling the working class and the underclass and the middle class that it’s up to them to fight for the their rights then what we are witnessing right now is a new form of strategy that is created by the elite and which is using the independent media and activism and self awareness movements to make those very things useless. The point is very simple, by not abandoning their wealth making practices and by not sharing their wealth what else is the elite doing but continuing to create wealth while asking the poor to accept the methods that are making the elite the dominant power and the poor poor. If we allow this to happen now the elite will have once again found a way to use the independent media and self awareness movements to shift the blame from itself to the poor, making the underclass and the working class feel like they are not doing enough to create equality when in fact it is the elite that is doing  nothing to abandon its wealth and wealth making practices. Anyone who promotes equality must abandon their wealth.

Activism and its problems

We cannot penetrate and rebuild the psyche of the elite with the existing theoretical frameworks because current education systems are designed by the elite in order to perpetuate current modes of perception, thinking, language and therefore theoretical framework construction. We are developing social and humanitarian communications strategies, plans, institutions, projects and theories but they will continue to be limited by the nature of the economic system. Empathy and self development have nothing to do with the economic system. ‘The true theory and practice’ of ’empathy and self development’ cannot be deployed within the economic system because the economic system cannot benefit from them. We do not know how to begin to solve this problem. The greater problem is that we refuse to acknowledge that the economic system will never support ‘the true theories and practices’ of ’empathy and self development’ because the ultimate realization of those would spell the end of the economic system. To expect the economic system to support them by default, of its own accord, because it would be good for it and its participants, is insane. If the economic system and its creators could have had realized how detrimental the system is they would have shut it down by now. As difficult as it may seem, we must begin to construct and deploy our theories and projects outside ‘the established institutions’ for they cannot help us, for they have to manage their financial departments according to the demands of the controlling financial institutions. The institutions that cannot benefit from empathy and self development.

To the celebrities who claim to want to change the world

Here is a noble idea. Are you a ‘celebrity’ actor, musician, artist, athlete, a media mogul or a scientist or an engineer turned reality TV show producer who claims to want to change the world. You really want to change the world. (Of course not, but we know that, but allow us to assume that you do.) Here is an idea. Use all your money and assets to support the true artists and scientists who want no fame and no money and who are trying to change the world right now. They are toiling away on self funded projects designed to clean your air, or to clean your water, or to provide healthy food for you and your children, or to provide free and clean energy for you and your family, or to teach you how to love yourself, your children, your wives and husbands and your families for what they really are. They don’t want the jet setter lifestyle. They don’t want money. Use your money to create facilities where they can live, research, develop and begin to manufacture their products and they will transform this shoddy selfish shit hole of a planet into an oasis of life and love.