Here is a noble idea. Are you a ‘celebrity’ actor, musician, artist, athlete, a media mogul or a scientist or an engineer turned reality TV show producer who claims to want to change the world. You really want to change the world. (Of course not, but we know that, but allow us to assume that you do.) Here is an idea. Use all your money and assets to support the true artists and scientists who want no fame and no money and who are trying to change the world right now. They are toiling away on self funded projects designed to clean your air, or to clean your water, or to provide healthy food for you and your children, or to provide free and clean energy for you and your family, or to teach you how to love yourself, your children, your wives and husbands and your families for what they really are. They don’t want the jet setter lifestyle. They don’t want money. Use your money to create facilities where they can live, research, develop and begin to manufacture their products and they will transform this shoddy selfish shit hole of a planet into an oasis of life and love.


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