We cannot penetrate and rebuild the psyche of the elite with the existing theoretical frameworks because current education systems are designed by the elite in order to perpetuate current modes of perception, thinking, language and therefore theoretical framework construction. We are developing social and humanitarian communications strategies, plans, institutions, projects and theories but they will continue to be limited by the nature of the economic system. Empathy and self development have nothing to do with the economic system. ‘The true theory and practice’ of ’empathy and self development’ cannot be deployed within the economic system because the economic system cannot benefit from them. We do not know how to begin to solve this problem. The greater problem is that we refuse to acknowledge that the economic system will never support ‘the true theories and practices’ of ’empathy and self development’ because the ultimate realization of those would spell the end of the economic system. To expect the economic system to support them by default, of its own accord, because it would be good for it and its participants, is insane. If the economic system and its creators could have had realized how detrimental the system is they would have shut it down by now. As difficult as it may seem, we must begin to construct and deploy our theories and projects outside ‘the established institutions’ for they cannot help us, for they have to manage their financial departments according to the demands of the controlling financial institutions. The institutions that cannot benefit from empathy and self development.


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