What is becoming apparent is that it is not enough to change methods and formulas and language thus theories, it is necessary to begin to change how we perceive the universe and how we express and record our observations. Our thoughts and our record keeping have to become fluid and open to ongoing changes. But our established narratives are forcing us to hold onto concepts such as force, patriarchy, religion, society, authority, law, etc.

New concepts are so radical and intellectually demanding that most people cannot begin to grasp their importance and continue with their routines or they don’t care. We need to develop more fluid theories, and more fluid systems with which to represent them. I imagine three dimensional digital projections of our most important theories, especially mathematical concepts. I imagine them as large permanent floating constructs in laboratories world wide. Large floating projections made of numbers or letters or words or geometrical constructs, or all of them, and hopefully new signs and symbols, always switched on, always floating. Three dimensional representations of our total current knowledge for a particular field. Ready to be changed, examined, assessed, updated. A new kind of library. Rather than books and ridiculous notions of academia and authority. Our leading theories as concepts that we can play with. Like an intelligent toy of infinite complexity and which can be expanded in any direction and in any dimension at any time.

Our ideas and theories should be fluid digital constructs with regular updates and visible to all. We have to accept that all knowledge changes all the time and our acceptance of that inevitable fact should be demonstrated through how we represent humanity’s total knowledge. Not through books and dogma but as an organic three dimensional construct that can continue to grow precisely because it is not forced to be expressed in a medium which prevents its growth. It’s not that we don’t need books it’s that I am convinced that any books which are referred to as ‘the ultimate guide’ or ‘the definitive whatever’ in any particular area are intimidating and restrictive because their objective is to present ‘concepts’ as unchangeable elements. But that is not the case.

We need libraries and books but I think that our defining or leading theories should be expressed as fluid formulas thus making it clear that this is our story so far rather than this is how it is and must be. Our institutions are still trying to hold onto beliefs and ideologies and constructs because they are contained within books which are unchangeable. Our institutions, universities, governments, etc. see themselves as the guardians of the things that define us rather than sources of change. Religious theories and languages being the best example. Had they been represented in a non solid state we would have developed only one religion and only one language because we would have allowed them to merge. Unfortunately we continue to hold onto physical single dimensional objects (the good book, etc) which are limiting us in more ways than we can imagine precisely because our imagination is so limited by our limited theoretical frameworks and the physical objects within which they are contained. Nationalism, elitism, and fear of others will continue to exist as long as we represent humanity as fragmented national elements that need to be defended rather than as a unified theory of our shared existence, so far, which is what I propose we do.




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