Ladies and gentlemen it is time to wake up. If we continue to use the internet and digital technologies the way we do nothing is going to change because we are perpetuating the economic system. We are not going to see the end of corporations because millions of micro corporations are being formed right now. Every teacher, plumber, driver, engineer, musician, writer, welder, architect, tr…ain driver and so on, ad infinitum, is a creator, offering something of their own. That’s great. But each and every one of them is getting his or her own website and selling their services and products. Everything is for sale. Think about the consequences ladies and gentlemen. It is the golden hour of digital banking systems and hardware and software systems. There are millions of micro corporations performing billions of transactions solidifying the empire they are trying to fight. Oh the sweet irony of our collective ignorance induced by the ultimate need for self preservation.
We are stuck with ‘the digital’ in ‘the digital realm’ but we can change how we use ‘the digital’ within ‘the digital’. We should be developing an independent, separate,  digital realm that exists outside of the economic system. A digital realm that cannot be influenced by the economic system because it is not contained within it. Unfortunately, we are not doing it. We are not doing it because we are not realizing that it is impossible to fight the existing system by using its very own tool. Yes current digital realm is their tool because it is maintained by banks, economic/currency transaction monitoring corporations, and hardware and software corporations.
As long as we use it the way we do they are going to continue to grow. What’s worse they are continuing to grow within the digital realm, away from our eyes. Their networks are swallowing every dimension of human interaction and transaction. Yes, interactions and transactions that deal with strangers, friends, families and our own selves. We, our very own selves and our digital presence, are the things that are enabling them to acquire wealth. We must become aware of our role within the digital realm.

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