It is obvious but I think PEOPLE MUST REALIZE THAT THE ULTIMATE AGENT OF CHANGE IS THE HUMAN BEING. Or more precisely, an individual human being’s psyche and emotional state and therefore our collective psyche and emotional state, our HUMANITY, are the ultimate source of change, not science and technology.

People need to understand that there are only two processes that can transform this civilization (my ideas but greatly generalized here, my convictions, exaggerated of course, lol, sorry, it’s my ego), only two processes and nothing else. They are related to each other because the first process creates the second process regardless of the nature of the physical world (technologically and scientifically driven, primitive, economic, without economy, etc.). The first process will always transform the second process regardless of era, race, nationality, location, etc.


The first process must be: our collective realization that we must begin to create an egoless individual and therefore an ego less civilization.

The second process will be created by the first process because once people realize that the ego has caused them to imagine, design, construct and maintain our physical world as it is now they will begin to realize that it is possible and therefore necessary to reimagine, redesign and reconstruct that world in order to create an ego less civilization.

It is why no designs, no theories, no engineering projects, no formulas, no social or political systems, no institution or organizations or groups can transform this world. It cannot be transformed while it is ruled by the ego. The nature of the ego, which is in a way outside of our conscious control (especially when it comes to unaware individuals who do not know how to observe their thinking), will always prevent the ideological ambition. We have to be aware that our ideological ambitions might be very positive and socialist but that’s because they are conceived and can exist within that logical part of our brain, and they are always imagined by intelligent and self aware individuals, but realizing them in the real world, especially sharing them with a large number of unaware people, is going to be disturbed by the nature of the ego. Or I feel that way.

When individuals begin to truly and genuinely and honestly imagine and then embrace and then experience the egoless state of their own mind and allow that dimension of their mind to change their character only then they can begin to act WITHOUT AN EGO and when they do, if they do, that particular way of being and acting will begin to transform the world regardless of the nature of the world. When people become egoless they will want to share all resources and it will not matter if we are in an economic system, a socialist system or a techno driven system. They will use the system, whatever it is, as the tool of ‘sharing’ and not as the tool of ‘self preservation’. Thus, the system, whatever it is, will become the tool of the egoless mind. In other words, I think, the system, whatever it is, is going to mimic the ego. Isn’t this existing system the best example of a selfish, self centred, scared individual.


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