The first step to getting rid of the sytem is to acknowledge that it exists in order to satisfy the needs of the ego

We continue to accuse the system (institutions and leaders) of preventing us from accessing our own humanity, yet the true obstacle is internal. It’s us.


 The system does not control us. We control it. However, we depended on it so much that we have lost our individual and collective ability to realize that we are controlling it and enlarging it by our dependence on it thus we continue to forget that IT can never really control us.


 The system (institutions and leaders) will continue to exist and control us as long as we continue to believe that we need to depend on them.


 The problem is not what we can do to stop the system (institutions and leaders) from controlling us.


 The problem is what we can do to stop ourselves from using the system (institutions and leaders) to satisfy the needs of the ego.


Therefore, the first step to getting rid of the system is to acknowledge that it exists only to satisfy the needs of the ego.


Corporate governance

I think that governments are as bad as corporations, perhaps worse, because they have allowed corporations to redefine their purpose. Governments are no longer interested in governing their individual countries or societies , according to the basic human needs of their citizens. Instead, our countries are governed in order to enable corporations to complete their corporate objectives. I think that makes governments worse than corporations because t…heir only purpose seems to be to design and implement policies which provide new grounds for new corporate products. Thereby completely negating their very purpose (to organize and take care of their citizens) yet they cannot be questioned thus remaining untouchable because their actions are performed under ‘the government’ cloak. Private and individual environments or spaces, as well as conservation areas/natural heritage sites/natural resources, etc., are declared government property and used to house, deploy or in some other way promote new corporate products, or they themselves are transformed into corporate products. Corporations, whose true identity is (and has always been) international, have found a way (because of the digital technologies) to erase their national identities and cross national borders. I think, primarily because they have been able to infiltrate and then, ultimately, transform the purpose of ‘the modern government’.
Governments are no longer attempting to determine how their new polices or law/act amendments are going to affect their citizens. They are more interested in determining what they can get away with, how to conceal their changes, how much their citizens can and will put up with, rather than how it will affect them.