One of the problems with the great digital realm is that it has enabled all individuals to seek fame, fortune and recognition thereby perpetuating greed and the economic systems rather than collaboration and sharing.

I think, because, like all the other technologies before it, the great digital realm does nothing to interpret itself and then change its purpose and its role through the way it manifests itself.

That is through the way its designers conceive and execute its primary purpose (the way its components are designed, manufactured and deployed). Devices we imagine, design and manufacture still do nothing to alter our preconceived notions and therefore our tendencies to misuse them. Our devices are not forcing us to reflect on what we are creating and why and how we use them. They are doing nothing to change our habits.

We continue to be fed the products which teach us nothing about their nature or our nature. Instead, the products continue to perpetuate our nature. Indeed, the great corporate government kingdom requires them to do so. I am being negative, I know. Our ego and our misconceptions manifest themselves through everything we imagine, design and create. But it should not be so.

More simply, we are failing to take the first step towards the non economic system because we are failing to create technologies that can make us aware of our misconceptions and of the fact that we are misusing them and of the fact that we can remove our misconceptions (by reminding us that there are alternatives to our behavior

that we can redesign our technologies and therefore our environment).

This could get complicated in a hurry. Where am I going with this. I am suggesting that changing people might be simpler than it appears. It is very hard to convince people that they are wrong by talking to them. We need to invest more in technologies that can remind people of alternative choices, of mindful versus mindless thinking, of expectation driven behavior rather than authentic behavior, of instinct vs logic, etc.

We could develop new patterns of more intelligent behavior. Practical new systems of performing similar tasks. We refuse to do so.

I am suggesting that we have to do more than just use the internet to create activism. We must encourage our inventors and or designers to conceive truly intelligent designs that go against the expectations.

Rather than seeing technology as negative and bad and trying to get away from it we should use it to redesign some of the most important aspects of our behavior, such as: expectations, ego,


The internet and the media are used for positive outcomes by those who are highly aware but they are a minority.

Will people print what they need and what can change their lives or will they print what they define as their source of happiness. Of course they will print what they see to be the ultimate source of pleasure.




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