All the games of life that are meant to make our lives more meaningful are the games that are killing us, slowly, so slowly we don’t even realize they are killing us because we are preoccupied playing them. Playing them on and on and at the same time wondering why everything is getting worse and worse. Why. Because we are killing ourselves with our own choices without even realizing it for we believe that the only way to justify our existence is by creating our meaning. We fail to realize that we cannot create the true meaning that we need in order to be happy and that it does not need to be created because it is always there. It is because we do not know how to observe it that we have to continue to try to invent it and in the process destroy ourselves, the people we love, the environment that is trying to nurture us, and most importantly the meaning itself. Hence the game continues, and most fail to accept that it’s beyond their ability to create and control what they really need and what they really want, happiness, love, and peace. And so they go on, trying, again and again, trying to control, trying to create, trying to acquire, more and more, until there is nothing left.


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