Contemporary key to the ultimate source of power is to be found in the ability to control (USE and FOCUS) our species’ collective human psyche, our humanity. This key is THE MONEY. The economic system is the ultimate weapon. State of the economic system (or more precisely its fluctuations) dictates the social, psychological and emotional nature of the world. And, inevitably, workers’ productivity, workers’ concerns and their levels of happiness.


The economic system can be seen as the ultimate tool with which to dictate the mood of the masses. The mood of the world. First, it was at the national level, and now, when most of us have been embedded into the digital realm, we are at the international level.


Most people cannot begin to realize (because they have not had the opportunity to view the world from the elite’s point of view) that the elite never experiences emotional and psychological fluctuations caused by the fluctuations of the economic system. How could they experience them? They create them. They have always had and will always have everything they need in order to be happy (with respect to material goods), precisely because they use OUR lives and OUR TIME in order to build and now perpetuate their empire. They are not interested in ANY NEW SYSTEMS. They are desperately trying to improve our productivity.


The FALSE NOTION OF THE NEED FOR MONEY CAN FOCUS THE COLLECTIVE HUMAN EFFORT LIKE NO OTHER PSYCHOLOGICAL OR THEORETICAL TOOL COULD. The notion of the purchasing power concept and the need to save is so simple and so primitive and so appealing (because it suggests that we can get what we want if we save enough money; how we save it and the fact that we are wasting our lives while saving it is concealed by the promise of the ultimate reward; yes, that reward is whatever we want it to be) that most children learn it and accept it before they are ten years old. That my friends is the ultimate tool of manipulation.


The system is so simple and therefore so easy to pick up therefore so successful it addicts the mind to the concept of the economic system before the mind can acquire enough information about the world to realize that it does not really need the economic system in order to be happy because its happiness cannot be determined and cannot be guaranteed by the economic system.


And, more importantly, the economic system is not designed to make the underclass, working class, and middle class happy. It is designed to keep them in a volatile, unstable state in which their fears, desires, ambitions and hopes can be changed, reduced or removed, at a moment’s notice.


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