If the ultimate objective is happiness, what does it matter what other people think of us and of what we do in order to make ourselves happy?
That’s when the ego and social conditioning come in.
We have been taught to think that we cannot be happy until other people perceive us as happy.
The problem is “other people” cannot think we are happy u…nless we are willing to conform to their definitions of happiness.
When we conform to their definitions of happiness we strive to “look” happy so that they would think we are happy so we could be sure we are happy. Unfortunately we have to sacrifice our individuality thus never discover our true desires that motivate our individual minds, and our individual happiness requirements.
Consequently the self remains ignored and unhappy, more and more, thus our collective ignorance and unhappiness continue to grow. Yet it is impossible to realize they are growing because we are convinced we are trying to create our own happiness.
Yet it is not our own happiness we are trying to create. It is a form of what I call “conditioned collective happiness”.
We exist to comply with the definitions of happiness as determined by corporations, governments and our local social groups. Thus we remain unsatisfied and grumpy.
The problem is our inability to perceive the need to renegotiate the difference between “the need to appear happy” and what it is “to be happy (which is to be oneself”.

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