I have come to realize that most people don’t like me and cannot withstand my presence because my very existence shatters their false illusions of reality. I question everything and seek no form of certainty in any way whatsoever. Not in material, political, scientific, religious, spiritual or any other ways.

I am always looking for new ways of perceiving, imagining and determining new and deeper sources of new and deeper truths. It is because of this drive that I have become convinced that truths about the universe cannot be expressed through any single system.

The universe is too big, too beautiful and too complex to be described with a single system or with a few simple systems like economy, politics and religion. The amount of knowledge that we have not acquired about the universe outweighs the amount of knowledge that we have acquired by an amount so incredible that our survival can be ensured only if we realize that we must create a new form of knowledge which acquires no permanent form and which does not attempt to present itself as a fixed historical construct (a fixed historical construct being any unchangeable political, cultural, religious or any other ideology meant to form foundations of societies, classes, groups, states, countries, etc. and then to perpetuate them).

Most people would be able to realize that the universe is too beautiful and too complex to be described by any individual system (or a small number of systems) if they could begin to feel the need to overcome prejudices, clichés, and thinking and behavior patterns engrained by the education system.

Unfortunately most people never get to feel the need to grow out of their patterns of thinking and behaving because they are never supplied with enough free time to begin to imagine the quantity and quality of what they are not able to imagine because of the nature of their mind that has been conditioned by our existing education systems.

We must begin to teach people that the entire education system should not be seen as some definitive tool with which to analyse the universe. Knowledge, theories and formulas are the starting point from which we must depart as soon as possible in order to discover all that they are not, and therefore all that they’re forcing us to miss.


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