This is why (see the quotation below) we have to use powerful images and simple compassionate language to educate the underclass and working class about the consequences of their inability to realize that they are not creating and expressing their own understanding of the world; about their inability to interpret intentions behind their own decisions, and about their inability to interpret and understand intentions behind corporate governments’ decisions.


Complex socio psychological concepts expressed through complex high level language can be understood by a small group of highly educated individuals who cannot change the world.


Nothing will change until we move the underclass and working class.


Nothing will change until the underclass and working class are informed about their ability to rise themselves out of poverty and until they are taught how to do so. This needs to be performed in a way they can understand and that does not devalue them. Not in a way that makes us feel educated and therefore above the system that controls us.


The pompous, self gratifying language of the educated elite is just that. A self celebratory construct that serves no purpose other than to assure the users of their superiority over their fellow human beings. It’s the language of the ego. Had the users been educated about their sense of empathy, humanity, and the basic operating principles of the physical world (sciences) they would not be afraid of it or other people and would not feel the need to control them, or, be better than them. It’s the langue of the past that must be put to rest, together with the ignorance it births, and perpetuates.


“A third of the country is illiterate (US). 42 million Americans cannot read. About 50 million Americans read at fourth or fifth grade level. There are people who are functionally literate but do not read anymore. And that has political and social consequences. We are shifting from a print based society to an image based society and that has terrifying consequences. We are a society utterly awash in lies. Skilfully manipulated images that make us confuse how we are made to feel with knowledge. Why do we fear universal healthcare. Because we speak and think in the idiom of popular culture which is linguistically at about sixth grade level and the refusal to disconnect from these images and study issues outside of the jargon or clichés that are handed to us by one side or the other has rendered us impotent. Those captive to images cast ballots based on how candidates make them feel. They vote for a slogan, a smile, perceived sincerity, and attractiveness along with the carefully crafted personal narrative of the candidate. It is style and story, not content and fact, that inform mass politics.”

Chris Hedges


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