The class appearance myth and why phones, clothes and cars don’t buy you the elite seat (or why any and all trite uses of the term equality make me want to puke my fucking guts out)

The underclass, working class and middle class believe that a (social) class is defined according to its physical appearances, therefore they purchase their toys like mad. Unfortunately, contrary to the popular belief, phones, shoes, clothes, cars, boats and houses do not define a class . It seems like they can, unfortunately it’s the wrong assumption. It’s the sophisticated combination of communications and social interactions that separates the elite from the rest of the pack.

The true difference that separates the classes is revealed through two key elements. 1. Very different levels of experience when it comes to their ability to manage finances, primarily long term investment portfolios and therefore (streaming directly from the need to manage long terms investments) from their level of skill in social interactions and personal and professional communications (as they are required to manage such transactions). 2. From their ability to sustain themselves with their assets should all other sources of income seize to operate.

Let’s take a closer look.

The underclass and working class do not know how to manage their finances and investments because they haven’t got any finances or investments or any significant ones anyway. The working class lives from paycheck to paycheck and the underclass is so incapable of supporting itself it depends on government donations or opportunities provided by organized crime. This means most members of the underclass and working class possess very poor social and communications skills. They do not have to manage complex, sensitive and confidential financial and investment transactions on a daily basis, so they never develop their ‘people skills’ to a very high level. They do not exist in an environment in which they can practice and master communications and manipulations skills. They cannot survive without jobs, government support or crime, therefore their existence is managed by the classes above them. The classes that run businesses and institutions. As soon as working class members become unemployed they become their country’s burden because they do not possess any investment assets with which to counter their lack of financial/labor/purchasing power contributions to the country’s financial system. Therefore the country’s financial balance is directly affected by the number of its employed and unemployed citizens.

The middle class is way ahead of the underclass and working class. Usually, it owns multiple properties, land, small or medium sized businesses, and participates in a large number of fairly expensive and fairly sophisticated activities (sports clubs, arts, creative and cultural events, charity, etc.). The middle class gets to perform some fairly sophisticated financial and investment tasks which means that its social and communications skills are significantly sharper. However, their interactions and transactions do not require the same level of finesse as the upper and elite’s wealth management strategies require (because they do not deal with the highest ranked government officials and corporate executives). The middle class could exist on its own, without any income, for a moderate period of time, but not permanently. Its assets are not infinite and it would have to begin to interact and make transactions in order to ensure its existence. The key point is it needs to spend more time interacting with the working class than with the upper and the elite and that’s why its skills cannot be as sharp as the skills of the elite.

What sets the upper class, and the elite, apart is the fact that they are PRIVATE CITIZENS, people like you and me, who because of their wealth, get to the deal with heads of governments and corporations (with the leaders) or, indeed, they are THE LEADERS. That happens simply because they are the product of that social level, therefore their ability to communicate and manipulate must be at the same level, and is, by default, at that level. That’s the key. Their social and communications skills have to be of the highest level.

Or, more precisely their personal skills do not have to be of the highest level but they can afford the right people who know how to manipulate other people. Or don’t shake their hand if your lawyer can do it for you.That is why it’s necessary to employ agents, communications specialists, assistants, PR people, managers, advisers. The elite individuals NEVER, NEVER, NEVER CREATE PERSONAL CONFLICTS OF ANY KIND. When they do it’s an international scandal. They let their AGENTS, ASSISTANTS, ADVISER, LAWYERS AND SO ON DO THEIR BATTLES FOR THEM SO THEY COULD MINGLE TOGETHER AND EXCHANGE VALUABLE FINANCIAL INFORMATION.

The under, working and middle classes cannot be that sophisticated because they haven’t been brought up within the same environment. No assistants, no advisors, no lawyers, no agents, NO REPRESENTATIVES TO DO THE DIRTY deeds, no resources to afford them. They have to fight their battles which creates damaging long term personal conflicts which prevent them from climbing the social ladder. For example permanent conflicts with employers, co workers, other small business owners, financial institutions, legal institutions, neighbours and so on.

The above mentioned factors are the best indicators of the true class differences which have been in existence for centuries but which the elite swipes under the rug.

The underclass, working class and middle class are being sold the false dream, by the elite that owns the key industries and creates the advertising strategies, that they can mask their true position in society by using or wearing fancy items. What a piece of nonsense.

The true gatekeepers (senior administrators of all kinds, events managers, publicists, senior members of governments and legal institutions and so on) know how to smell a rat and cannot be fooled by outer appearances. They read the inborn behavioral differences created by the relevant socio economic environment.

When a working or a middle class person attends a fancy restaurant or any other venue and is not served within a reasonable period of time they complain, yell, shout, argue and ultimately fight. A member of the elite will say could I please get the check because I need to go. They will pay for the products and services which have not been provided and will provide a significant tip, say double the bill, just to make a point. However, they will say I have not been served and I am not pleased and your manager will hear from my lawyer, attorney, legal team and so on. End of conversation. You can bet your balls the manager will hear all about it and somebody WILL, I repeat WILL get fired. That is the power that comes from being able to handle any kind of situation INDIRECTLY, IN STYLE, WITH FINESSE, AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, WITHOUT A CONFLICT, because of the financial resources.

That’s why members of the elite class always drag at least one or two assistants. You never have to confront somebody you don’t want to, you never have to answer the phone and say no, you never have to complain. That’s why the assistants are there (“the legal dream team”). It’s called managing relationships. In other words we’ll play tennis and talk about how to make more money because it’s good for both of us but if you try to make way more than I, my people will sue your people, but we’ll still play tennis and plan how to make more money.

Unfortunately, profits from products sold to the underclass, working class and middle class go to the elite that uses them to solidify its economic, financial and legal powers by further embedding itself within the government and military system. It gets closer and closer to the under, working and middle classes, in order to learn about their lives so it can plan how to sell them more of what they don’t need and can’t afford, without having to mix with them. Truly disgusting, horrific, dehumanizing, inhumane behavior, and it remains unnoticed.


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