One fine day, after many years of learning about inequalities and suffering it brings to some but not all, I had no choice but to being to question my own place in the world. Inevitably, I was forced to conclude that most of my needs as well as desires had been satisfied since the days I was born. Then I was forced to realize and accept another inevitable truth. The truth which I think many human beings must realize: it’s because most of my needs, especially my unessential needs, have been satisfied and are being satisfied that most other people’s basic needs could not be satisfied and would remain unaddressed.

More importantly, I realized that the more inessential or imaginary needs I develop and convince myself that they need to be satisfied the harder it is to begin to address the essential human needs of those who suffer. They disappear in the sea of irrelevant self perpetuating desires.

The most terrifying discovery was to realize that so many are perpetuating their empires by exploiting the ones whose essential human needs remain unaddressed, let alone satisfied.

The advertising industry which is the vehicle of the present day business structure is trying to convince those whose basic needs have not been addressed that they need the same things as those whose needs have been met all their lives, just so that those in power could continue to imagine more and more bizarre ways to entertain themselves.

Those whose essential needs have been met have convinced the underprivileged that their existence needs to consist of working in factories and manufacturing the products they don’t need just so they could buy them later on from their wealthy owners, just so that the wealthy owners could satisfy their immature baby egos.

Then I realized that if my primary ambition is to continue to ensure that my inessential needs are met by doing anything it takes to invent, manufacture and sell useless items to those who don’t need them and can’t afford them then all I do is continue to perpetuate their suffering.

So I had to conclude that the more of our inessential needs are met the more dedicated we become to inventing new ones.

We do not stop to assist those whose essential needs remain unaddressed. We cannot accept that the nature of our inessential human needs determines how the remaining natural resources are going to be used. We will not be able to accept it until we grow up and take control of the ego instead of allowing it to define our perceptions of people, environments and therefore shape our actions.


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