If it remains unchecked, the digital realm could advance biology and chemistry so much that they would create a new mass media technology.

The new mass media technology (because of its use of the new materials and biodigital components) could separate the individual from the experience of its own senses.

The new bio digital data would be so real that the experiences supplied by the senses would become increasingly compromised. What I mean by increasingly compromised is this: fewer and fewer people would be able to tell what is real and what is not therefore more and more people would stop caring about what is real and what is biodigital. Finally, we could get to the point where people’s only perceptions of themselves and the world are be shaped by the advertising industry’s biodigital projections.

Corporations and governments could be seen as the masters of reality.

The digital realm could become so real that the advertising moguls would be able to populate the world with three dimensional biodigital data that would be indistinguishable from the real world environments.

I would call it the ‘reality dysfunction’ factor. Only the institutions that create the biodigital projections would be able to tell what is real and what is not real.

The ultimate source of what I would call ‘the pleasure ignorance zone’.

The world is becoming such an incredibly desperate place the only thing left to do is to substitute our true perceptions and experience of reality with false but more satisfying perceptions and experiences.

If we can’t change the reality, why not fake it. It means we have given up, of course. We have decided that it’s too late and that we cannot change ourselves and save the world. We have decided to depart. Of course even our final action would suggest that we are incapable of admitting that we are committing collective suicide.

That is, we all agree to commit collective suicide by inventing a grand fake reality and we retrieve into it without ever having to admit that we have been able to change ourselves and our egos and save the world.

I suppose that’s what we are doing now.

Maybe this is the highest form of intelligence we can achieve as a civilization before we are destroyed by our own ignorance of what we are and what we are creating.


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