I have come to believe that the easier it is to insult a person the more driven they are by their ego and instinct.

The more they are driven by the ego and instinct the easier it becomes to predict their behavior because such behaviors are impulsive and violent and always designed to protect ‘the self’. Therefore they are shared among those who feel important. The individuals who strive to feel important always consider their own set of basic needs before considering other people’s needs. It is why other people’s needs will continue to be seen as a threat.

One of the main traits they exhibit, exhibited by most animals (especially great apes or The Hominidae, chimpanzees, gorillas, humans, and orang-utans) is their desire to inform others about their status (being the leader). They do so in a number of ways, however that is not what concerns me. What I am interested in is the associated fear that comes with any leadership positions.

My concern is this: the extent to which leaders are unaware that they are afraid of things because they must be afraid of something, simply because the position demands it (in order to maintain the military industrial complex). Their psyche, subconsciously aware that it needs to be afraid of something, generates fears and defense mechanism whenever possible, thus rendering their behavior and associated policies irrelevant. However they never question their motivations for they remain convinced they are entitled to control others in order to maintain their positions of power.

It’s an attempt to rationalize one’s own behavior. An attempt that is inaccurate and shows one’s misinterpretation of one’s own position of power.  Therefore, we have arrived at a point in time where all positions of power are there in order to preserver themselves by destroying that which is not a threat.







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