The under and working class cannot unite until they’re taught how to examine their subconscious and determine its effects on their actions thereby learning how to remove their self destructive behaviors and habits.

Who will teach them how to examine their subconscious?

We have to reform universities, other higher education institutions and their intellectual communities and plug them into the under and working class arena.

What I am saying is take the intellectual elite that writes about love, equality, empathy and humanity and plug it into factories, mines, detention centers, homeless shelters and similar institutions.

Young media moguls, digital gurus, programmers, mathematicians and other capable individuals should be exposing governments’ and corporations’ plans to create new weapons of mass destruction, global surveillance networks, tools that invade privacies and bodies. Instead, they start their own companies in order to squeeze every last dollar out every last working class person in order to crate their greedy, bottomless digital empires. They should be using their intellect to promote humanity, not their selfish, greedy, self centered selves.

Forget about universities and higher education institutions until they are ready to do so. They are as arrogant, selfish, self centered, humanity deprived and elitist as any other institution touched by the blood money created by the blood covered gold, oil and diamonds of the near, middle and far east, and the rest of the African continent.

If I were an academic working for a higher education institution I would not be able to write this article.

I would like to mention the term ‘the tenure system’. It’s an intellectual joke. The tenured positions are senior positions or the gate keepers.

Any university that claims to be interested in advancing knowledge and spreading information should not allow one individual to hold the same chair for fifty years.

It’s not that academics should not continue to work in the area of their choice or on one theory, they should. However, what is laughable is that universities are supporting the established ideologies without questioning them.

The tenured positions should not be reviewed, they should be changed every six months or every year. Furthermore, universities should seek new academics whose ideas differ from the previous academics in every way.

Here is a noble idea. I will suggest a new requirement that would need to be satisfied by the new academics. After all the submissions for the existing position have been reviewed, the academic whose work differs by the greatest degree (from the previous academician’s) or, ideally, the academic whose work criticize the previous academician’s work and intends to disprove is the one who will be awarded the job.

That is what I would call a progressive academic research policy.

Don’t get me wrong, we need institutions and university departments that perform long term research and employ the same staff members, however universities must not ignore the need for diversity.

Noam Chomsky has developed some, I mean that without any sarcasm, some great theories but come on people, sixty years at MIT. Really? If one is fair and logical how can one not ask ‘how many great new people with great new ideas have missed out because the same chair has been awarded to same guy, year after year’? Is the world better for it?

How many new great ideas have been dismissed so that one person could get another chance, or just so they could continue to promote their area of interest?

I think that examining sixty new ideas over the same period of time would be far more useful for they would be able to point our minds in many new directions. Not all of them have to be useful, predictable and acceptable in order to inspire new ideas.

Again, it’s not that there is anything wrong Mr Chomsky’s work or that he should not carry on, it’s just that other academics deserve their turn.

The longer an institution refuses to entertain new ideas the more its value to society continues to diminish. Higher education institutions should provide a safe ground for thought experiments. Whether they can be turned into viable commercial products or not should not be their primary concern.

But hey, quiet, green hillsides and valley of Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire New York, etc., are expensive. The academic elite that wants to live there has to dance to the music provided by the corporate elite.

The intellectual elite and the corporate elite dine in the finest east central European style restaurants and discuss ethics, morality, and ultimately humanity over thousand dollar bottles of wine. The ancient Greek scholars would be outraged.

It’s the same corporate elite that buys degrees for their spoiled, ignorant children.

It’s not about socializing, it’s not about managing relationships, it’s not about cross disciplinary relationship building, it’s about coming together to find new ways to make more money and perpetuate the empire.

When companies that create weapons of mass destruction, global surveillance networks, tools that invade privacies and bodies, and perform illegal genetic experiments fund the world’s most prestigious institutions then clearly disease, hunger, inequality and injustice are going to remain ignored.

What we are left with is not ‘academic research policies’ but ‘academic rituals of ignorance’.

Self centered behaviors inspired by the potentially infinite amounts of money supplied by the corporate elite is shaping the academic elite’s agenda and has been for decades.

The corporate cash has turned higher education institutions into dogmatic gatekeepers of worthless mainstream concepts that have managed to convince people that truth, love, honesty, beauty and art cannot be created by normal citizens.

Instead we are convinced that we should become famous, establish our own companies and exploit anyone we can.

For all those who call themselves academics, here is a free piece of advice, study the definitions of ‘humanity’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘kindness’ as proposed by the ancient Greek scholars and compare them to your own notions of the same concepts.

What they expected from humanity thousands of years ago is unknown to you today.

Had we continued on the same path imagine where we could have been by now.

Unfortunately, the economic system is one of the main instigators of selfishness and greed in personal and professional relationships. Needless say, the growing number of people, reduced natural resources and competition discourage sharing and each generation needs to learn how to become more selfish than the previous.

In the past the system would reset itself once a nation in need of new resources conquers new lands and  its people thereby increasing its level of selfishness and greed.

However, there are no new lands to conquer, no foreigners to kill, therefore the final stage is global simultaneous self destruction by greed.

And, as explained before, there is nowhere to look for help, the institutions whose primary task had been to promote knowledge, empathy and love have surrendered to instant pleasures created by the blood covered gold, oil, diamonds and cash.


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