The quality of one’s experience of each moment is important not just because it determines the amount of pleasure he or she derives from each moment when they trust the moment and surrender to it. The quality of one’s experience of the moment determines the quality of our memory of the moment.

Many of us experience moments we want to forget. It’s hard or impossible to try to absorb them for all they are when they are so unpleasant. However, I think that if one’s life is to be a meaningful experience it’s necessary to continue to flow through the moments of life with as much awareness of each moment as one can achieve, realizing when one moment is over and when a new one is beginning thereby trying to ensure that each memory of each moment is as clear as the moment itself had been.

So the quality of the moment and therefore the quality of the memory is about realizing and then being aware of one’s depth of experience of the moment, which means that one has to be aware of the extent to which one uses or refuses to use one’s senses.

I think that our ability to discern the extent to which we are emerged in each moment we experience, that is the extent to which we use or refuse to use our senses, affects or perhaps even determines our ability to learn from the past moments.

Despite any external education or suggestions, personal or professional, we are the person that is closest to our own experiences of our own  senses therefore we can offer the best assessment of the extent to which we had been using our senses to experience the moments that had passed. Therefore we are in the best position to determine, once we are willing to learn how to do so, how many aspects of each moment are being ignored in the now and from that we should be able to deduce which senses had been ignored and the extent to which they had been ignored. Perhaps this can inform us about why we had been so reluctant to experience the moment for all it had to be, for all it can be. Isn’t each moment all it can be, whether we like it or not? If each moment is all it can be, because it’s a culmination of all the moments before it, is it not our duty to try to experience it for all it is? If we cannot remove anything from any moment then how can we control our lives. I suppose we construct the nature of our environments as much as we can.

Our ability to determine how many aspects of each moment had been ignored, how and why is an attempt to self analyze.

If we refuse to attempt to determine our level of immersion in the moments from our past and if we refuse to determine the level of empathy we had been demonstrating in the given moment we cannot begin to create an honest picture about our overall ability to demonstrate a sense of empathy. Furthermore, it becomes impossible for us to change how we experience any future moments.

If we don’t attempt to remember each moment for all it is, it becomes impossible to reflect on it and deduce how we feel about it and why and how and why we want to supress it or hold onto it.



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