Can we deduce that the amount of creativity decreases as the amount of entertainment increases?

It is a paradox, or is it a paradox?

If every single individual becomes creative does that mean there would be so much entertainment that no person would get any free time to create anything of their own for there would be so much content they would be tempted to consume it ad infinitum?

But if everyone is consuming ‘entertainment’ then who is creating it?

I suppose each one of us is creating something and consuming, I suppose consuming far more, therefore the overall amount of digital content is continuing to increase.

I suppose the key process that remains unacknowledged is that we are inspire one another to create content.

Perhaps we should redefine the purpose of ‘entertainment’, or, should we redefine our understanding of the term ‘entertainment’.

When does entertainment stop being entertainment? How frequently do we view things simply in order to determine what they are? Not because we want to be entertained? I mean we view things but don’t expect to be entertained.

I think to comprehend that what I would call ‘the viewing process as an exchange of ideas’ occurs and then formulating it or giving it a structure could present us with a new, undiscovered backdoor to the individual as well collective psyche.

Are everyday people creating ‘digital art’ in order to create ‘art’, that is do they see themselves as ‘creative individuals’, as artists? Or, is ‘digital art’, especially ‘digital online presentations’, a new unrecognized process of creating a new form of identity? An additional dimension of personality?

Perhaps we are creating a new psychoanalytical tool? Perhaps digital art, because it is so easy to create, has turned itself into a useful socio psychological tool of psycho analysis. Furthermore, it is precisely because so many people remain unaware of how much they are revealing about their psyche that they are willing to make their art public.

If psychoanalysis teaches us anything, it’s that we should consider any source of information that gets us closer to the subconscious.

Should we redefine the meaning of the term ‘art’ as it applies to digital, especially online, content?



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