Why do we need to change the way we tell stories?

We need to change the way tell stories because our current ‘story telling model’ does not allow us to reflect on the consequences of our actions.

The hero and villain model means that peace is unachievable.


As long one side has to win the other side will be oppressed, which means that permanent peace unachievable. This simple deduction is so painfully obvious that I am forced to think that most leaders ignore it. There does not seem to be any other explanation.

So the structure of our shared perception must change at the most basic level. The way perceive, record and communicate our observations of the world.

I propose that we have to reinvent the process during which we encode our observations of the world. Only when we stop polarizing the world and separating it into ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘hero’ and ‘villain’, ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ will we be able to realize that there are no enemies and that all of us are an element of the natural world, just like everything else is.

I suppose children, babies, babies should be surrounded by physically fluid objects (toys, digital animations, projections) that change their shapes, sizes, structures, etc., and thus imply that neither the self, which exists within the fluid environment, nor the environment itself, are solid, unchanging structures. Rather they are the same thing.

It’s necessary to create a new narrative structure that can provide a creative space within which to create fluid characters.



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