I think that without creating a piece of ‘art’ (and I don’t like the word ‘art’, I prefer to say ‘being creative’, but I suppose using the word ‘art’ is far more convenient than saying ‘being creative’ every time), whatever shape or form it might take, an individual an individual’s ability to reflect on his or her humanity is limited.

Needless to say, reflecting on one’s humanity is a complex process. It requires an institution that would teach people how to reflect on their individual creative process as well as the finished piece.

I think it’s very difficult to reflect on one’s work without assessing it, without comparing it to similar pieces created by other people, and without  relating it to commercial products that are defined as ‘art’.

All individuals want to invent themselves in every way. However the problem is that we have become convinced that we need to impress ourselves with our inventions.

The economic system requires all human beings in all areas of human endeavour (arts and sciences) to define and rate the importance of their actions, their creativity, that is of their meaning, by assigning a specific monetary value to if.  Thus many people never examine their creativity, in any sense, in any way (from picking what to wear to other more complex tasks). Again, the need to compare one’s creative choices (with random commercial versions) rather than examine them in the context of one’s psyche removes and possibility of serious personal preferences that reveal one’s deeper inner motivations. Furthermore, it suggests that any individual choices that do not participate in the economic system (by using it as a reference point) will be disregarded. Therefore leaving the individual completely unaware of the creative well that resides within them.




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