Turning individuality into celebrity and celebrity into a product

The idea of ‘celebrities’ and ‘ordinary people’ continues to amaze me because it’s so ironic and self referential. So many are so ignorant regarding the origins of the concept it’s incredible.

The quest should be: how to be your truest, happiest self, not a desired public construct? Right? Once upon a time that had been the case.

Indeed, the irony is that’s how it all started.

Creative individuals would become celebrated because ‘the people’ adored the creative individuals’ ability to project their own individualities and embed them into their creative practice (their art or their performances). This had been the case precisely because ‘the people’s (read the working and under class) individuality had to be sacrificed in order to build, maintain and expand the elite’s industrial/economic system.

The system that would become the celebrities’ main vehicle of success.

It is impossible for ‘the people’ to determine, establish, grow and exchange their individualities because the industrial/economic system needs to continue to create and increase a profit margin for its owners by using the ‘people’s’ time and converting it into a usable unit of effort that is then applied across the industrial/economic system.

The tragedy is that ‘the celebrities’ invest in and therefore help expand the industrial/economic system because it’s a safe way to increase their wealth and solidify their celebrity status.

Unfortunately, the ‘celebrity industrial/economic’ relationship has marked the beginning of the end of culture and humanity.

It is because ‘the celebrities’ have learned that they can make money by turning their bodies, body parts, property, talents and so on into merchandise (that is then advertised and distributed via the industrial/economic system to the underclass, working class, middle class and even the elite) that they have come to realize that the quality and quantity of their talents are not as important as the body image created by the advertising machine. Therefore the quality and quantity of their talents or ‘creative abilities’ continue to decrease because the industrial/economic system’s ability to advertise their body image as a product continues to increase.

The advertising focus has shifted from creative abilities and character originality to character originality alone and then to ‘a celebrity’ as a product.

The industrial/economic advertising machine has become so sophisticated that is has managed to enter our most private spaces (our homes) and alter our sense of empathy (without our awareness) thus distorting our definitions of our shared reality so much that any sufficiently rich celebrities, of any kind, including bankers and businessmen, can commit murders, rape women and children, lie, or perform any other crime, and we accept them as publicity stunts.

The average person’s psyche has been conditioned so much that it has come to accept any celebrity as a non human entity.

The relationship between ‘the people’ and ‘the celebrities’ exists only as an artificial construct, not as a personal experience. The key elements of the relationship have been filtered so much that the average individual perceives ‘the celebrities’ first as ‘the unique product’ and then as a fellow human being, never as a unique human being.

Therefore ‘the people’ continue to support the very construct that contributes to their oppression and prevents them from accessing their own individualities thus further deteriorating their social skills and their ability to relate to different human beings.

This works well for the industrial/economic system because the average citizen has never been further away from his or her experience of his or her self.

An original individuality is the very thing ‘the people’ hope to get a glimpse of by admiring and supporting their favorite celebrities. Unfortunately, the very thing they hope to see, continues to disappear and is harder and harder to see precisely because ‘the people’ have to work harder and harder and are willing to pay more and more in order to feed the growing ego of the disappearing. The beast that understands the depths of ‘the people’s’ despair for it participates in their creation and which therefore knows that they would pay any price in order to escape from their own individualities, even for brief moments .The individualities which are perceived as inadequate precisely because of the celebrity complex (see the mechanisms of escape).

The beast that’s been using the advertising machine to conceal the fact that its humanity and originality have disappeared a long, long time ago. That is the only reason why it is willing to continue to claim that it is better than its audiences, yet it is willing to take their hard earned money.


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