I’ll finish this later.

The problem with resisting the forces of corruption and hate is this:

Once people realize the extent of corruption or hate that is present within their environment or expressed through an individual they know they begin to feel so powerless that they completely surrender to the feeling of insignificance. They allow it to consume them. The feeling of insignificance manifests itself as state of mental and physical inaction.

When people feel insignificant and therefore powerless they don’t think they can trust other people and because they are not familiar with any other coping mechanism they believe that what they have witnessed has not affected them and will not affect them if they try to ignore it. Unfortunately, it does affect them in many different ways (immediately and long term).

People need a place where they can express their fears and then learn how to restore and refocus their energy.

What is needed is a support group that would share the very injustices they have witnessed and then use them to instigate action.

Do you think I am talking about a professional institution?

I am talking about friendship.

Two people coming together and trusting each other as well as larger groups of friends that organize different activities.

In order to change people’s responses it is necessary to change people’s perceptions of their own abilities.

Friends without any benefits are the only true friends for the only thing they care about is the only thing that matters, each other. Everything else is expendable.

It’s necessary to instill in people a new default state of mind: when they witness anything negative, there is a place to go to. A place where you can express yourself and then find people who are willing to organize and do something about it. A new culture needs to be born.

Groups of people that feel empowered by injustices because they know there are other people who have experienced something similar and who are willing to come together.

The very thing that separates people is their own fear that if they reveal anything, anything at all, what little they have managed to acquire might be lost.

So they continue on their own, hating the world and everyone and everything in it and subconsciously hating themselves for, hence depending on drugs (stimulants and tranquilizers) to get them through depression and anger.

The default state of mind must change.

Furthermore, another far more sinister dimension of the problem is that people come together in order to ignore the forces of corruption and hate by focusing on the trivial thus enabling the forces to grow stronger and oppress them even more.

A stable psyche cannot arise until it learns how to regard itself in entirety.

Thus we must admit why we are coming together and what we are doing once we are together.

What is the purpose of friendships?

Is it to reinforce what we know? Is it to forget what we have witnessed?

Is it to be

What is the nature of our friendships?



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