It is possible that contemporary pieces of art, especially abstract paintings and abstract photographs, reveal our detachment from ‘nature’, the natural world?

Are they foreshadowing the end of the natural world and an unknown form of evolution? A world without nature? Digital projections, new materials with unknown properties, unpredictable and changeable architecture, previously unseen shapes and patterns? Instead of nature, animals, parks?

It seems cityscapes, as well as interiors of the future will not contain many natural objects?

It is fair to say that contemporary art seems to suggest very high levels of instability and unpredictability?

It seems to me that nobody knows what ‘the now’ is, or what it might become. I could be wrong of course.

It seems that in contemporary art, the now, is not expressed as anything in particular?

It seems to me that most other pieces of art from all the other periods, regardless of how abstract they might have been, have managed to maintain some kind of connection with the natural world. The natural meaning the external world that surrounds the artist as well as the artist’s internal worlds (dreams, imagination, etc.).

Today’s ‘art’ seems to demonstrate complete separation or detachment from ‘nature’ and fellow human beings.

It strikes me how few human or human like shapes are present in contemporary art (again, paintings, photographs, etc.), and especially in abstract pieces.

I need to look at more paintings, photographs, etc.

Does this occur because so many artists live in big cities? Furthermore, even small cities are becoming increasingly modernized? Kids growing up in some of the largest cities in the world have never seen farm animals, forests, rivers, unusual plants, etc. All they see is artificial environments.

Could it be that artists are withdrawing, losing themselves within their inner worlds, which seem to be influenced by ‘the global inner city’ architecture.

If you live in cities like New York, London, Sydney, Paris, Hong Kong, etc., you don’t just hop on your bike and escape to a beautiful rainforest.

I suppose I am wondering about the origins (the subconscious places) of contemporary imagination?

I suppose it’s obvious that if you live in an era in which there are no forests then they are not going to appear in your work or they might but they won’t be the dominant feature.

But why our preoccupation with the abstract concept.

Is the self so uncertain of its ability to create a stable future?


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