Our inability to combine spirituality, religion, science, etc., into a grand theory of existence only illustrates our inability to think and exist outside the system chosen for us by our immediate environment (not that any one of them is invalid, not even that any one of them exists).

Could this be the ultimate tragedy of our existence? Our inability to see that we invent an intellectual border in order to try to go beyond it. Simply because the process of trying to go beyond it is what gives a sense of purpose.

The concepts (that each system proposes) and that prevent us from uniting them cannot be proved by any external evidence that each system claims they could used to prove them. Thus no system can prove its existence within another system. This is so obvious, why am I writing this? If all the evidence is invented within one system what possible relevance could we expect it to have in a different system?

In fact, the only reason why the different systems exist and the only reason why each system searches for a piece of evidence to sustain its interpretation of reality is not in order to preserve itself but in order to deny the other system.
The meaningless of our attempts to intellectualize the need to exist as separate entities within the different systems is beyond my ability to comprehend it. I would venture a guess that it comes from our inability to create our existence any other way except through conflict.

There is no reason not to unite all the systems of knowledge other than that they derive their meaning from existing as separate entities that continue to try to disprove one another.

Is it safe to say that there is no definitive system or method or way of existence or of knowledge only that they derive their definitiveness and therefore their infiniteness by continuing to try to exist as separate entities rather than a single entity that is spread across the different intellectual stages that is the different system of existence.

Certain people are ready to define themselves through science, others through religion but none of them are definitive nor do they need to be the dominant system. The belief that they do is our inability to grasp the need for diversity, etc., etc., etc.

So indicative of our psyche. Whenever we oppose others in their attempts to be happy we create conflicts that make it impossible for us to be happy, and vice versa.




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