I suppose what I will never understand is why didn’t people find it obvious to imagine and create technologies that would ‘plug into’ the natural world and work with it rather than destroy it?

Doesn’t it seem like a logical thing?

Maybe it’s not fair to say that now, at this point in time? After so many mistakes.

Technology is still an obstacle between human beings and nature.

We are starting to crate technologies that might be able to enable us to plug ourselves into the natural world, but only if we continue in a very specific direction.

Will it happen?

I suppose the problem originates somewhere within our perception of the natural world.

The initial thought had been: if it’s natural it’s primitive.

However, it turns out the natural processes are so complex it’s impossible to simulate them or recreate them. We create approximations. How can we ever account for all the variables that exist in nature.

So the natural systems are far more complicated than any of the artificial technologies we can crate, but they seem simple.

We must attempt to plug into the natural world via new technologies, rather than try to recreate the natural world.


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