True revolutionaries don’t promote themselves or the ideologies they have developed because they know that they are an extension of their own ego.

True revolutionaries promote only and only the actions that would, when performed by the people, enable the people to lift themselves out of poverty and create equality for all people, worldwide.

The consequence of the people’s collective actions creates the new ideology.

Forcing the people (who are not ready and who therefore do not understand that they need to create new systems of behavior in order to improve their lives, lift themselves out of poverty and create equality for all) to perform the actions necessary to create a revolution and give the new ideology a physical form is dictatorship.

The ideology that can unite humanity cannot be enforced, because it is HUMANITY itself.

If an ideology needs to be enforced, it cannot create universal, worldwide peace and equality, regardless of how peaceful its intent may be.

Shared, anonymous and decentralized control and distribution of ideas and then resources is the only way to create egoless and therefore leaderless society (or to try to get as close as we can to it). Any preferences assigned to any individual or any group of individuals will create inequality.

Any ideology that promotes or associates the individual behind it with the ideology is just another form of the ego driven system of control. The individuals behind such ideologies demonstrate that they have not evolved beyond the need to satisfy their own ego.

We, the people, do not need to be controlled. We the people, need to be organized. CONTROL and ORGANIZATION are two different concepts.

The key point is: we, the people, do not need leaders in order to organize ourselves. We, the people, can organize ourselves.

The leaders who are not interested in growing and who therefore cannot overcome their ego, and therefore the need to control others, would have us believe that we should equate CONTROL with ORGANIZATION.

We need to change how we imagine, design and create new technologies and then how we use them do manage the sources of social powers.

New technologies must be used to transfer control from the leaders’ hands to the hands of the people who create such new technologies, not to remove it from the people’s hands.

We, the people, do not need leaders, we the people need organizers who do not crave power.

We, the people, need to become the people who want to, and, more importantly, know how to share our own humanity and who are willing to embed that humanity in technologies we create.

We do not need another technological revolution. We need a revolution of the human mind, in order to reimagine how the existing technologies can be applied in order to help more people increase their sense of empathy and learn how to love themselves, other people and the planet that is trying to keep them alive despite their subconscious attempts to destroy it.



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