More human than human

What is our digital ambition?

A digital neural network that will enable itself to transform itself into a bio chemical digital neural network designed to care about itself in its entirety.

The difference between the artificial and the organic systems will continue to decrease, especially as we begin to use digital technologies to manipulate bio chemical thus organic processes and structures.

A self aware bio chemical digital neural network thus a system that is aware that to ignore one cell is to begin to compromise the structure of the entire entity.

Needless to say, I am talking about a network whose natural instinct will be to preserver all of its components because that is all it is. A sum of its parts. It is all any system can ever be. Its strength thus the nature of its power is determined by its willingness and ability to care about its weakest members.

A concept that current governments and corporations are unable to imagine, let alone implement. Primarily because of their primitive profit driven thinking that was noted as inadequate as early as the tenth century. Its the thinking and doing system that has been replaying itself like a bad dream. Century after century, millennium after millennium. Empires create themselves and are destroyed by the very nature of the processes that create them. Greed, and, its product, poverty. That the lesson hasn’t been learned is an understatement of the millennium. The lesson hasn’t been written down let alone studied or remembered.

Mr. Tyrell of the Tyrell corporation was right. More human than human is the motto.

It is the sweet irony of the science fiction genre, the artificial intelligence might become more human and humane than its creators. The need to destroy us might seem like an logical thing to do. The only thing that would threaten to destroy it and ourselves, is us.

Indeed, this is the ultimate engineering and programming paradox and irony. How could we create an artificial life form and tell it that to kill a human being is the ultimate crime when if it were to learn by an example there would be no example for it to observe. Human beings kill human beings.

The paradox is we could not teach a new artificial intelligence entity by any historical examples because we are more violent than any other species on the planet. It’s a tragic realization that we, as an entity that claims to be an intelligent entity, are willing to destroy any life form known to us, and claim that our primary objective is to increase our knowledge and empathy.

The science fiction genre reveals that our claim is an imaginary construct.

A human life is not precious. At all. That is the tragedy. There is no way to explain it. The only way to deal with the problem is to acknowledge it and begin to change the way we practice empathy.

Our individual and collective attempts to justify violence, murder and genocide, because we are unwilling to accept them for what they are, perpetuate them.

We are unwilling to accept them for what they are because we haven’t been able to adjust the nature of our collective psyche. Throughout history, the number of individuals willing to stand for what is right and true compared to the number of individuals unwilling to do so is so incredibly small that it’s quite a surprise that the empires had been able to exist for a few centuries before being reset by revolutions and wars. Actually, it’s a miracle. For every individual wiling to burn at the stake ignited by the fires of the collective ignorance there are millions of those who could not care less about…well…anything. Including themselves. What is the artificial intelligence entity to learn about humanity? How could any newly crated artificial entity define humanity except through its ability to perform inhumane acts.

Perhaps we should teach it how to create its own definition of humanity?


On the nature of the systems that control and restrict progress

Our progress is so slow and loaded with violence because we, as individuals and as a civilization, refuse to acknowledge that no system can change itself. It applies to all systems, of any size. Natural and artificial. Physical and ideological. From countries and their governments and educational institutions to biological and chemical processes.

All changes occur when a member of a system, it be a single cell organism or an intelligent human being or anything in between, discovers that a new and therefore different state of being is possible.

Once an intelligent human being discovers a new state of being, either as a physical experience or as an imaginary construct and decides to experience, describe and formulate it (as a formula, sentence, piece of music, etc.), the new experience should be allowed to enter the existing system and creates a change. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Therefore, all changes are created by the member of the system whose development is affected by a previously unknown force. In case of an intelligent human being we are talking about previously unknown experience (internal or external, internal being an ability to imagine a new solution or event, and external being an ability to detect and describe a previously unknown event).

Thus changes are never introduced by the controller of the system because it is A) too busy to search for new experiences, and, B) too far away from the environment that offers the opportunity to encounter a new element or a new experience. It is not some purposeful, evil selfish desire of the controller to remain in its position. It is the way our system operates. Fortunately, it is possible to change it.

A simple analogy would be to look at the queen within an ant colony (or we could talk about real human kings, queens and presidents, etc.). Unlike the workers who have to explore the edges of their known systems (we could talk about mathematicians, architects, miners, astronauts or any other professionals who are genuinely interested in new experiences and see money as an additional bonus rather than the key motivating factor) and then go beyond them in order to look for new resources and new software and hardware solutions to the existing and new problems, the leaders never have to leave the positions they have earned or inherited. The nature of their position, it’s a position of privilege, dictates the nature of their actions. To increase their power and extended their control. It’s never to share their power.

From single cell organisms, to apes to Galileo, Copernicus, Newton, Einstein, and people like Assange, Snowden and other scientists and engineers who are urging us to change the existing software and hardware manufacturing and distribution practices in order to change how we use natural and artificial resources in order save hundreds of thousands of lives that are needlessly lost every single day, we remain unable to acknowledge the need to introduce a system that would welcome new changes rather than suppress them.

We remain unable to create and introduce a permanent system that would look for sources of changes, acknowledge them, assist them, improve them and use them to modify itself (the existing system). Thus the existing system continues to struggle.

Furthermore, the nature of the new system, the system that we need, must go beyond simply looking for individuals who are thinking outside the square but it must teach all people how to think outside the square. All people should be encouraged to express their individuality.

Why should we do so?

Because changes are inevitable.

Changes must occur because the individual is an intelligent organic entity whose level of intelligence continues to grow as a direct response to thus as a consequence to the process that is created by its interaction with the system within which it is born and brought up.

Each new baby will be smarter than the previous generation of babies because it will exist within a system that is more intellectually demanding than the previous system. Therefore the natural tendency of the baby’s brain will be to outgrow the intellectual demands of the system that is used to raise it. The baby’s psyche, mind and intelligence will attempt to outgrow the demands of the system within which it is born because they are designed to try to adjust the baby to it by enabling it to control it and eventually to improve it.

It is the most natural cycle in the universe, and it applies to natural and artificial environments, and the true scientists and artists have been trying to articulate it for centuries. I am doing it here.

There are alternatives to anything. To political systems, to economic systems, to anything.

To become more intelligent is to imagine and play with new possibilities. It is that fun and unpretentious. The more random the connections the greater the discovery.

All we have to do is be willing to embrace them.

Unfortunately, we, again, as individuals and as a civilization, refuse to acknowledge and accept the nature of the most natural process there is: growth. As individuals we grow and change every day. Therefore, inevitably, we must be prepared to grow and change, every single day, as a civilization.

We might not be able to change the entire system we use to govern our civilization every single day but we must begin to change our systems of control and governance in order to enable them to introduce changes (hardware, software, and any personality changes of individual members) as quickly as possible rather than to preserve the existing systems and structures.

Attempts to preserve the fixed ideologies and physical structures are what creates conflicts. Not the new ideas. New ideas create conflicts only because they are not embraced. The moment they are embraced they move the civilization to a better and more civilized place.

Human beings are not at the center of the eco system

Just like the Earth and the Sun are not at the Centre of the universe, the human being, despite its psyche and its intelligence, is not at the centre of the Earth’s eco system.

The sooner we accept this not so new reality, the sooner we can begin to participate in the eco system, rather than control it.

That will be the new renaissance of the mind.

Moving from creating and using artificial technologies to creating and using bio chemical or organic technologies. ORGTECH.

I am talking about the need to realize that technologies need to be integrated into the eco system in order to expand it. I am talking about mobile biochemdigital self modifying nano computing intelligence that is some centuries away.

I propose that we could design self intelligent pieces of technology that are intelligent hardware and software (software not being a program but a bio molecular pattern, or DNA, or similar, think of it is a very primitive brain of an insect) and that could integrate themselves within the eco system.

Our failure to understand and therefore balance our psyche has caused our intelligence to misimagine, misperceive, misinterpret, misunderstand and therefore misrepresent and mismanage its position in the universe and within the planet’s eco system.

We continue to repat the same set of mistakes (competition, economic crisis, hunger, violence, war, etc., I call it the circle of self destruction) because we continue to operate within the system of misrepresentation that we have created and are unable to leave precisely because we cannot create a new system precisely because we refuse to leave. It’s a catch twenty two. We cannot leave the existing system until we create a new one and we cannot create a new one until we stop thinking the way we have been. The sad fact is, as with anything, possibilities are infinite.

The sooner we realize the error of the fundamental systems (sciences, arts, religion, economic system, etc.) we use to shape our development as a race, the sooner we can begin to change their purpose.

I do not oppose any individual system. Only the way they are applied.

They exist to expand themselves and not the natural environment and life forms contained within it. Therefore not humanity.

Any system that prioritises and expands its own production processes in order to increase the number of products it produces will overpower and destroy the being that’s had created it.

It is why it is crucial that we change the purpose of the systems from the industrial self expansions to a balanced growth whose primary purpose is to expand the natural environment and all living beings.

Yours and mine


Oh…when you don’t know
What do, where to go, who to be

You come to me, you come to me, you come to me
Oh just look for me…

And when you’re ready to see me…

Standing at the edge of time

Beyond what is yours and mine…
Beyond our earthly crime



The nonexistent echo of the never living ones

Sometimes you look at young women, and men, and realize that they are so insecure and so unaware of their own potential that they have convinced themselves that the only way they can create their meaning and achieve anything, anything at all, is by manipulating you or others or using you or others to achieve some pointless goal. It’s all so tragic. For all of us.
They, we, all of us are capable of so much more than manipulation. Yet some never realize it. Those who don’t focus on their potential use a person here and a person there to complete some disconnected, irrelevant goal that never leads anywhere anyway. It does not add up to anything. They continue in circles without ever realizing what they are, what is at the center of their being or what they want to do. It’s an endless tragedy. It’s painful to watch.

They are pulled in a number of different directions by the friends’ suggestions. The friends who are equally unaware of their own potential and equally uninterested in getting to know themselves, thus the friends who are not using their own minds and bodies but who are willing to exploit others to achieve anything, but not anything that is connected to anything true or lasting. Thus the young women and men accept the suggestions offered by the friends who know them even less than they know themselves. The circle of use and abuse, lies and manipulation continues. Families and families and families have been ruining themselves century, after century, after century. Including my own. Alas, no lesson has been learned.

Regardless of the environment one always manages to come across a deeply unconscious person that is completely unaware of its own potential and that is willing and ready to try to manipulate any situation in order to achieve some random goal it believes will get it closer to something, anything. As long as it feels like they are getting closer to something and doing something to somebody else or manipulating them, they feel like they are creating their meaning.

The fact that so most spend all of their earthly time on trying to manipulate situations and others in order to achieve their goals would be hilarious if it weren’t tragic because none of them ever get anywhere. Instead, they create and perpetuate conflicts, fears, suspicions, anxieties, hatred and violence.

What is missing is collaboration and compassion. Alas, nothing can introduce them but our own missing will to do so.

It’s impossible for one to collaborate if one has convinced oneself that it’s got nothing to offer.

And so, even in their own intimate relationships they are unable to let go of themselves and let the other person see them and experience them for all they are. Never, ever, are they able to let go of themselves and experience themselves for all that they are and never, ever are they able to allow others to experience them for all that they are. Their lives resemble a fading eco of a stolen scream. A scream from somebody else’s mouth, from somebody else’s mind, from somebody else’s life. For they can not ever be themselves.

Never in the now.

Never here, never anywhere.

Never being.

Never living.

The end arrives long before it is perceived. In fact, it is there from the beginning.

* One can hope that one day we will change and will begin to create a society that is willing to care about all of its people. One day, sadly though, not today, not tomorrow. Not in my life time. That I understand. And amen…said the children of the first sun.

Letters, words, numbers and notes (and other forms of representation) as the end product of the creative process

Our education system is failing to recognize letters, words, numbers and notes for what they are.

Letters, words, numbers and notes are ‘the end products’ of a very deep, rich and original imaginative process.

They are how ‘the imagined construct’ manifests itself as a logical system. As ‘a logical system’ because once we use them to record and therefore communicate what we have imagined we can determine if it is the right kind of solution.

If it is, we can use the representation to design it and construct the solution. If it is not we can determine why it does not apply in the real world, then we can revise our imagination.

Therefore, following from the above: sentences, stories, formulas and compositions are ‘the processes of recording the imagined solutions’. They are not ‘the right solution’ therefore learning how to manipulate them is a waste of time.

This points us to the key problem that the education system has not been able to solve.

We are not teaching children how to use creativity to explore their minds and determine how minds and environments shape each other, in order to create solutions.

Instead, we are TRYING to teach them how to create ‘the right solution’ by manipulating ‘the end products’ of the creative process. We teach them how to write, read, solve formulas, and play music. But reading, writing and solving formulas will remain scary concepts until we prioritize the relationship between the real world and the seemingly abstract end products (letters, words, numbers and notes).

(As long as we stress the end products children will hate schools and will want to avoid them whenever possible, and often when it is impossible to do so. If we were to pay more attention to psychology we would have noticed, a long time ago, that their anxieties, like anxieties of any other beings, indicate an unhappy state of mind. And if we were caring beings we would have addressed their anxieties by now.)

What is the difference between geniuses or natural thinkers and those who are not deemed to be geniuses or natural thinkers?

The geniuses, or, to put it simply, the deep thinkers, learn how to free their mind and therefore can explore its full potential. How do they learn to free their mind and explore its full potential? Very simply.


It is what the few outstanding schools, independent teachers, and parents who educate their children do. THEY PERMIT CHILDREN TO EXPLORE THEIR MINDS AND THE WORLD WITHOUT ANY RESTRICTIONS.



Sentences, stories, formulas and compositions are the bridge between the imagined world and the physical world. However, they are completely useless until one develops the ability to imagine deep, rich and original worlds. So there is no point in learning how to use symbols and systems when there is nothing to be communicated.

How are we to bridge the gap?

Once again the key word is empathy.

Our schools do not teach children how to experience the world as an organic environment. More specifically, they do not teach children how to use their senses and imagination to connect with and explore their environments and other beings that inhabit it.

This is the key to understanding that mathematical formulas, notes and so on, all other systems of representation represent physical objects.

We ask children to learn about calculus and differential equations without ever demonstrating them as physical concepts.

What is meant by this?

Let us look at how the people we admire describe their relationship with the world.
What is it that master musicians do? Master pianists and cellists feel the instruments they play but more importantly they talk about them in terms of particular spaces, and the universe itself. Master pianists talk about feeling the shape, size, weight, density, texture of the keys; they talk about the smallest variations in string or wire length, density, shape, curvature, quality, age, tightness, thickness, place of manufacture; they talk about where in the room they are playing, how far from each wall, the nature and quality of materials used to construct the building, walls, floors, if they are playing in the middle of the building or on the first floor or on the last floor; ceiling height, carpet length and width and depth and density; about microphones and their quality; where the audience is; altitude, pressure variation, and so on.

Top athletes talk about their environments in equal measure.

They are aware that we can exist in different mediums (air, water, etc.), and that we experience a number of different phenomena that travel through them (sound, light, heat, etc.), and that our experiences of a particular phenomenon will depend on the nature of the medium (again, temperature, density, pressure variations and so on).

Top swimmers do not just jump into the swimming pool. They are aware that they are entering a new medium. They know how to adjust and control their bodies in order to perform in the new medium they have entered. They are aware when they leave it.
The same could be said about painters and photographers and so on. The more aware one is of his or her environment the more control one can exercise over his or her creative process.

This is the key difference between the standardized education system and the individualized education system. We think ‘the geniuses’ discover their ‘talents’ at an early age. They discover what they enjoy doing and are permitted to continue to explore their area of interest.

If a child enjoys the sound pianos, keyboards, etc., produce why not invest few hundred dollars in an old piano so they can play with it in any way they want. A piano they could pull apart, twist, turn, burn, kick, punch, play with in any way they can imagine. They can put it anywhere they want, leave it outside, sleep on it, and do whatever they want to do with it.

Similarly, if a child likes swimming why not teach them how to enjoy water? Teach them how to explore the water medium for all it is. How does it feel do dive, what happens to sounds while they travel through water, and how are waves created, what happens to our bodies, which actions are easier to perform and which are harder to perform and why, how does the body react once you are out of the water and why, how different materials and clothes react and why. There are millions of other questions children could explore and become aware of before being burdened with the notion of becoming the best whatever, primary/elementary school swimmer, high school swimmer and so on.

Similarly, computer hardware and software can seem complex and they might appear to be two different entities. However, we exist in an era where they have merged into a single entity. A network, or a digital realm. In today’s world, it is possible to use software to control any piece of hardware in the world, from a desk lamp to a nuclear weapon. Different pieces of software and hardware do not exist as different fragments. Links might not seem obvious but for the first ever everything powered/digital and human made is truly connected to everything else that is powered/digital and human made. There are very few important pieces of hardware that cannot be controlled remotely, via the right software. A creative individual can bridge any gaps by creating the right software and sometimes the right hardware and inserting in the right place at the right time.
The point is, we do not exist in a vacuum. We exist within a densely populated environment. Furthermore, we are beginning to increase the number of ways and improve the nature of the ways in which we can plug into the environment.

Ultimately, the purpose of thinking and creativity is to make a contribution (to humanity, to our civilization, etc.) by recording one’s own original imagination that becomes a useful solution.

Then, could we say that to live a meaningful life is to discover our very own individuality and then use the original dimension of that individuality to offer new solutions that have not been imagined by other people. Because they are other people, and because they are entitled to create and offer their own solutions, which will be different, unless they attempt to copy us.

The purpose is not to manipulate others’ letters, words, numbers and notes in order to create a profit. Unfortunately, it is what is happening now.
From primary or elementary school to PhDs. People are rushing to manipulate letters, words, numbers and notes in order to make a profit.

Unfortunately, this means they remain unaware of their own individualities thus they remain unaware of how they are connected to the natural world. Therefore they continue to create destructive products that are destroying the world. Yet they don’t seem to be destructive because their existence can be justified with the use of the economic system.

William Blake

William Blake was trained as an engraver and most of his poems were self published  (with text and illustrations engraved by him on the same plate). A the age of ten, Blake had his first mystical experience, thereafter he was committed to a vision of life in which energy and imagination waged war against the oppressive forces of rationalism and materialism. A social, political and religious libertarian, Blake was tried for sedition and acquitted. His prophetic zeal led him to construct vast and obscure mythological systems and his work (even his short piercing lyrics) was largely ignored during his lifetime. Most of his contemporaries diagnosed him as insane. He is now thought of as the first Romantic.


The Human Abstract

By William Blake

Pity would be no more,
If we did not make somebody Poor:
And Mercy no more could be,
If all were as happy as we;

And mutual fear brings peace;
Till the selfish loves increase.
Then Cruelty knits a snare,
And spreads his baits with care.

He sits down with holy fears,
And waters the ground with tears:
Then Humility takes its root
Underneath his foot.

Soon spreads the dismal shade
Of Mystery over his head;
And the Caterpillar and Fly,
Feed on the Mystery.

And it bears the fruit of Deceit,
Ruddy and sweet to eat;
And the Raven his nest has made
In its thicket shade.

The Gods of the earth and sea,
Sought thro’ Nature to find this Tree
But their search was all in vain:
There grows one in the Human Brain



The Voices of the Ancient Bard

By William Blake

Youth of delight come hither:
And see the opening morn,
Image of truth new born
Doubt is fled & clouds of reason
Dark disputes & artful teasing
Folly is an endless maze,
Tangled roots perplex her ways,
How many have fallen there!
They stumble all night lover bones of the dead;
And feel they know not what but care;
And wish to lead others when they should be led.

Love as an unrecognized expectation

In order to allow the other person to love us the way they can love us and therefore accept that they can love us only the way they can love us, which is not the way we imagine we need to be loved, requires us to grow and learn how much we can depart from our early definitions of ourselves.

It is very hard for us to learn how to accept the partner’s love until we have changed so much that we can begin to determine the inadequacies (fears, phobias, anxieties, disorders, etc.) contained within our own personality that shape our definitions of love we think we need to experience.

We have to get to know ourselves so well that we can determine which of our anxieties, fears, beliefs, etc., shape our image of the person we believe we love. Knowing how our anxieties become the desires that manifest themselves as the image of our ‘ideal partner’ is crucial if are to learn how to negotiate the obstacles we encounter when the person we like fails to love us the way we believe we need to be loved.

As explained earlier, by Dr. Berne, we do not fall in love with the actual person, we fall in love with our own image of the person we find attractive. There is something about them, a feature that we like, therefore we extrapolate and begin to imagine that they will know how to love us the way we want to be loved.

It is necessary for us to grow because if we do not understand the motivations that shape our psyche then we do not understand the anxieties that form the image of the person we like that is supposed to love us the way we want to be loved.

For example: a good place to start is to ask what is it we want the other person to do in order to show us their love.

Do we want them to call us six times a day? Then we should ask what is it about our psyche that makes us feel so insecure if we don’t receive the calls. What fears associated with notions of ‘absence’ (of the other person) are causing us to force them to confirm their presence? Or if we expect to receive a gift every week, we should ask what set of feelings occur that make me feel inadequate if I don’t receive a gift every week? Where do they originate? What causes them? Not all expectations are irrational, but many are? Determining what is rational by comparing our personalities and coming up with some kind of rational middle ground is what is required in order to create a stable environment.

If we don’t know ourselves, we don’t know how to deal with the problems that begin to occur when the person we like is unable to love us the way we expect to be loved because we don’t know why they occur.

The problem is so many of us go on believing that we need to be loved in a particular way. Our way. However, because no other person can know what exactly it is we imagine, we think that no person can love us the way we imagine we need to be loved therefore depression, anxiety, disappointment, etc., grow. Therefore many stay in abusive relationships or relationships that don’t work, or they believe that love does not exist, or, if they do believe that it exists they might believe that it is too difficult to find it thus they submit to physical pleasures without experiencing the emotions that enrich and deepen the psyche.

The problem is the person’s feeling of unhappiness caused by the absence of love, and I am not talking about some grand romantic ever lasting movie kind of love but the absence of the feeling caused by the knowledge that there is another human being who cares about what you really are and who is willing to try to make you happy, becomes repressed and the longer they represses it the more it deepens and the more difficult it becomes for them to realize that they remain unfulfilled because they are repressing it (right until it becomes impossible for them to sense it without external intervention).

Thus the repressed feelings manifest themselves as violence, anger, anxieties, drug use, many brief encounters, etc., and the person becomes completely divorced from the source of their behaviour.

Therefore we enter relationships expecting to find somebody who can give us exactly what we want because we are so sure that we know what we want.

It is because we don’t learn how to admit to ourselves that we refuse to grow and become flexible that we cannot learn the extent to which our desires are not the desires of the healthy portion of the psyche but are the desires of the troubled portion of the psyche.

That is, our love, and in particular our expectations, manifest themselves as unresolved anxieties rather than a stable and healthy form of love that comes from a stable and healthy psyche.

We believe we need to maintain the psychic construct that is the self therefore we maintain the notion of love and become disappointed when the other person fails to deliver.

However, the self is not a finite, unchangeable construct. The self, the psyche, the mind, they are flexible and open to change and able to adjust to any environment, to acquire an infinite number of new habits, patterns of behavior, ways of thinking and learning, to store and use many languages, to communicate with many different people on many different levels.

Psychology unapplied

Psychology’s main problem is a problem of its ‘practice’ and not a problem of its ‘theory’.

What is the problem of its practice?

There is very little of it. The theory is not applied where it needs to be applied.

Leading psychological theories seem to have no effect on any decisions made by any of the world’s governments. Therefore, it should be clear that we have failed to apply psychology where it matters most. Within the cold, calculated, administrative corporate government system.

The corporate government system policies are dictated by the needs of the economic system, which are shaped by the elite’s desire to preserve its wealth and power, and not by ‘the people’s’ needs.

The needs of the people, which are defined and classified within the filed of psychology, remain ignored and suppressed.

The result is that the people have become completely unaware of their own needs.

Experiencing the now by not holding onto the past or controlling the future

We have been programmed to think of happiness as some future event, forever ‘yet to be achieved’, thus we continue to prevent ourselves from experiencing it in the now. The past and the future are imaginary concepts and don’t really exist. Only the now exists, but we waste it on trying to shape the future. We waste each moment on working towards some imaginary date when we’ll be happy therefore we don’t experience life as an ongoing moment of happiness. We are born, we live and we die in the now moment of our life but all of us start at different points and live in different moments so it seems like past and future can exist as physical constructs.

It’s fascinating to think that the moment one person is dying another person is being born, so there is only one ongoing shared moment that is our shared human existence and it is always in the now.

Each generation shares one now. All of us on this planet are in this moment, right now, right here, sharing it. This is so empowering. Knowing that each moment of our lives is in the now means we are in control of each moment of our lives. If we’re in control of each moment of our lives then each moment can be linked to the next to create an ongoing expression of the true and unique self.

Therefore the self becomes a stream of moments of self imagination and self creation rather than the self as an observer of others’ moments of self imagination and self creation.

This is what the economic system is: a conviction that we should not be imagining and creating ourselves, but that we should be purchasing others’ ideas and products because they are more valid than our definitions of ourselves. The irony, the reason why others want to convince us that our definitions of ourselves are inadequate is so that they could make money. They think they need money precisely because they are convinced that their own definitions of themselves are invalid so they need to acquire more wealth in order to validate their existence.