The concepts like nationality and military are one of those endless self serving and self perpetuating paradigms that enforce each other yet have nothing to do with the origins of the psyche or sense of empathy.

By creating and promoting a national identity and therefore a military entity with which to protect the identity we create the need for opposition.

‘OUR’ nationality and ‘OUR’ army (it’s completely irrelevant who or what we are) imply that any individual or country that is unlike us, because they are unlike ‘US’, should watch out, simply because they are not like ‘US’. Therefore, our actions imply that they SHOULD do the same. Create an identity and a military entity to protect it?

‘WE’ create national identities and military entities in order to justify our primal fears which ‘WE’ as a country (whatever country you wish to pick, it’s irrelevant again, paranoia is everywhere) have not tried to understand, analyze and expose.

Like an individual who is unaware of the extent of the influences of its subconscious mind on its conscious mind, a nation unable to begin to solve its psychological problems, which then manifest themselves as social problems, forms a national and identity and shifts the blame from itself (SPECIFICALLY: its inability to perceive and acknowledge and therefore locate the source of its psychological problems within its own psyche) onto its immediate neighbors and other distant countries. Rather than getting to know itself and its national psyche it focuses its efforts on defeating what it has defined as a threat. Again, the process continues, ad infinitum.

As long as ‘the national identity’ remains the defining feature our species’ individual and collective psyches, and not its shared humanity, the true source of its problems will remain ignored (as pointed out earlier, its inability to reflect on its individual and collective psyches and determine its true motivations).

The need to create and recreate or invent and reinvent national identities and military with which to preserve them (and therefore conflicts, violence and destruction and hence the need for the econimc system with which to rebuild them) will continue to be seen as a viable strategy with which to pacify (albeit temporarily) our ignored fears.

Our selfdestructive nature will remain concealed under the mask that is the ‘otherness’ of the other. The ‘otherness’ mask does not exist. It is an imaginary construct designed to perpetuate the existing coping mechanism of the individual and his nation, precisely because they are unable to rationalize their deep fears.

The owners and creators of the concept of ‘nation’ (governments) fail to realize that their actions are driven by their fears and their ego thus they continue to operate like an programmed self defense mechanism. Its true motivations forever beyond its grasp, for the program is not programmed to question its programming, that is its true motivations.

Our minds (conscious and subconscious) have been conditioned, by the economic system, to demand from our very own selves to want to experience ourselves as something more than what we are.  We refuse to experience ourselves as what we really, as that is deemed inadequate, so we never determine our true nature.

We have been convinced that by purchasing art and other ‘fine things’ we can ‘refine’ and ‘redeem’ ourselves in our own eyes, as well as in the eyes of our friends and strangers. However, as mentioned before, the notion of ART as A PRODUCT is a faulty one because of this very reason. When a piece of ART becomes a product meant to second guess and satisfy its USERS’ needs (the needs that are determined by his or her wallet size) then what is the purpose of the entire endeavor (creation, sale, purchase, exchange, of ART that is PRODUCT, etc.).

We are offered an artificial product. We need create such products with our own minds and our own hands, yes, in order to locate, observer and experience our own humanity.

I propose: the identity (individual and national) is unique and that is why it so hard to learn to accept it. In fact, it is so hard to learn to accept that we have failed to use psychology or sociology to create a viable set of tools (education systems, books, institutions) with which to teach individuals how to accept themselves, other people, and other nations. Because we have failed to do so, we continue to go along with the easiest option. We perpetuate ignorance and division.

Rather than dedicating ourselves to turning ourselves into what we are, we dedicate ourselves to turning ourselves into concepts suggested to us by external institutions (often self declared AUTHORITIES OF KNOWLEDGE). But as explained above, such institutions  fail to understand themselves and therefore promote concepts like nationalism, division, violence, weapons, fear, thus the process of ignorance continues and the self remains ignored and unknown to its very owner.


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