We have been programmed to think of happiness as some future event, forever ‘yet to be achieved’, thus we continue to prevent ourselves from experiencing it in the now. The past and the future are imaginary concepts and don’t really exist. Only the now exists, but we waste it on trying to shape the future. We waste each moment on working towards some imaginary date when we’ll be happy therefore we don’t experience life as an ongoing moment of happiness. We are born, we live and we die in the now moment of our life but all of us start at different points and live in different moments so it seems like past and future can exist as physical constructs.

It’s fascinating to think that the moment one person is dying another person is being born, so there is only one ongoing shared moment that is our shared human existence and it is always in the now.

Each generation shares one now. All of us on this planet are in this moment, right now, right here, sharing it. This is so empowering. Knowing that each moment of our lives is in the now means we are in control of each moment of our lives. If we’re in control of each moment of our lives then each moment can be linked to the next to create an ongoing expression of the true and unique self.

Therefore the self becomes a stream of moments of self imagination and self creation rather than the self as an observer of others’ moments of self imagination and self creation.

This is what the economic system is: a conviction that we should not be imagining and creating ourselves, but that we should be purchasing others’ ideas and products because they are more valid than our definitions of ourselves. The irony, the reason why others want to convince us that our definitions of ourselves are inadequate is so that they could make money. They think they need money precisely because they are convinced that their own definitions of themselves are invalid so they need to acquire more wealth in order to validate their existence.


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