Sometimes you look at young women, and men, and realize that they are so insecure and so unaware of their own potential that they have convinced themselves that the only way they can create their meaning and achieve anything, anything at all, is by manipulating you or others or using you or others to achieve some pointless goal. It’s all so tragic. For all of us.
They, we, all of us are capable of so much more than manipulation. Yet some never realize it. Those who don’t focus on their potential use a person here and a person there to complete some disconnected, irrelevant goal that never leads anywhere anyway. It does not add up to anything. They continue in circles without ever realizing what they are, what is at the center of their being or what they want to do. It’s an endless tragedy. It’s painful to watch.

They are pulled in a number of different directions by the friends’ suggestions. The friends who are equally unaware of their own potential and equally uninterested in getting to know themselves, thus the friends who are not using their own minds and bodies but who are willing to exploit others to achieve anything, but not anything that is connected to anything true or lasting. Thus the young women and men accept the suggestions offered by the friends who know them even less than they know themselves. The circle of use and abuse, lies and manipulation continues. Families and families and families have been ruining themselves century, after century, after century. Including my own. Alas, no lesson has been learned.

Regardless of the environment one always manages to come across a deeply unconscious person that is completely unaware of its own potential and that is willing and ready to try to manipulate any situation in order to achieve some random goal it believes will get it closer to something, anything. As long as it feels like they are getting closer to something and doing something to somebody else or manipulating them, they feel like they are creating their meaning.

The fact that so most spend all of their earthly time on trying to manipulate situations and others in order to achieve their goals would be hilarious if it weren’t tragic because none of them ever get anywhere. Instead, they create and perpetuate conflicts, fears, suspicions, anxieties, hatred and violence.

What is missing is collaboration and compassion. Alas, nothing can introduce them but our own missing will to do so.

It’s impossible for one to collaborate if one has convinced oneself that it’s got nothing to offer.

And so, even in their own intimate relationships they are unable to let go of themselves and let the other person see them and experience them for all they are. Never, ever, are they able to let go of themselves and experience themselves for all that they are and never, ever are they able to allow others to experience them for all that they are. Their lives resemble a fading eco of a stolen scream. A scream from somebody else’s mouth, from somebody else’s mind, from somebody else’s life. For they can not ever be themselves.

Never in the now.

Never here, never anywhere.

Never being.

Never living.

The end arrives long before it is perceived. In fact, it is there from the beginning.

* One can hope that one day we will change and will begin to create a society that is willing to care about all of its people. One day, sadly though, not today, not tomorrow. Not in my life time. That I understand. And amen…said the children of the first sun.


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