Just like the Earth and the Sun are not at the Centre of the universe, the human being, despite its psyche and its intelligence, is not at the centre of the Earth’s eco system.

The sooner we accept this not so new reality, the sooner we can begin to participate in the eco system, rather than control it.

That will be the new renaissance of the mind.

Moving from creating and using artificial technologies to creating and using bio chemical or organic technologies. ORGTECH.

I am talking about the need to realize that technologies need to be integrated into the eco system in order to expand it. I am talking about mobile biochemdigital self modifying nano computing intelligence that is some centuries away.

I propose that we could design self intelligent pieces of technology that are intelligent hardware and software (software not being a program but a bio molecular pattern, or DNA, or similar, think of it is a very primitive brain of an insect) and that could integrate themselves within the eco system.

Our failure to understand and therefore balance our psyche has caused our intelligence to misimagine, misperceive, misinterpret, misunderstand and therefore misrepresent and mismanage its position in the universe and within the planet’s eco system.

We continue to repat the same set of mistakes (competition, economic crisis, hunger, violence, war, etc., I call it the circle of self destruction) because we continue to operate within the system of misrepresentation that we have created and are unable to leave precisely because we cannot create a new system precisely because we refuse to leave. It’s a catch twenty two. We cannot leave the existing system until we create a new one and we cannot create a new one until we stop thinking the way we have been. The sad fact is, as with anything, possibilities are infinite.

The sooner we realize the error of the fundamental systems (sciences, arts, religion, economic system, etc.) we use to shape our development as a race, the sooner we can begin to change their purpose.

I do not oppose any individual system. Only the way they are applied.

They exist to expand themselves and not the natural environment and life forms contained within it. Therefore not humanity.

Any system that prioritises and expands its own production processes in order to increase the number of products it produces will overpower and destroy the being that’s had created it.

It is why it is crucial that we change the purpose of the systems from the industrial self expansions to a balanced growth whose primary purpose is to expand the natural environment and all living beings.


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