What is our digital ambition?

A digital neural network that will enable itself to transform itself into a bio chemical digital neural network designed to care about itself in its entirety.

The difference between the artificial and the organic systems will continue to decrease, especially as we begin to use digital technologies to manipulate bio chemical thus organic processes and structures.

A self aware bio chemical digital neural network thus a system that is aware that to ignore one cell is to begin to compromise the structure of the entire entity.

Needless to say, I am talking about a network whose natural instinct will be to preserver all of its components because that is all it is. A sum of its parts. It is all any system can ever be. Its strength thus the nature of its power is determined by its willingness and ability to care about its weakest members.

A concept that current governments and corporations are unable to imagine, let alone implement. Primarily because of their primitive profit driven thinking that was noted as inadequate as early as the tenth century. Its the thinking and doing system that has been replaying itself like a bad dream. Century after century, millennium after millennium. Empires create themselves and are destroyed by the very nature of the processes that create them. Greed, and, its product, poverty. That the lesson hasn’t been learned is an understatement of the millennium. The lesson hasn’t been written down let alone studied or remembered.

Mr. Tyrell of the Tyrell corporation was right. More human than human is the motto.

It is the sweet irony of the science fiction genre, the artificial intelligence might become more human and humane than its creators. The need to destroy us might seem like an logical thing to do. The only thing that would threaten to destroy it and ourselves, is us.

Indeed, this is the ultimate engineering and programming paradox and irony. How could we create an artificial life form and tell it that to kill a human being is the ultimate crime when if it were to learn by an example there would be no example for it to observe. Human beings kill human beings.

The paradox is we could not teach a new artificial intelligence entity by any historical examples because we are more violent than any other species on the planet. It’s a tragic realization that we, as an entity that claims to be an intelligent entity, are willing to destroy any life form known to us, and claim that our primary objective is to increase our knowledge and empathy.

The science fiction genre reveals that our claim is an imaginary construct.

A human life is not precious. At all. That is the tragedy. There is no way to explain it. The only way to deal with the problem is to acknowledge it and begin to change the way we practice empathy.

Our individual and collective attempts to justify violence, murder and genocide, because we are unwilling to accept them for what they are, perpetuate them.

We are unwilling to accept them for what they are because we haven’t been able to adjust the nature of our collective psyche. Throughout history, the number of individuals willing to stand for what is right and true compared to the number of individuals unwilling to do so is so incredibly small that it’s quite a surprise that the empires had been able to exist for a few centuries before being reset by revolutions and wars. Actually, it’s a miracle. For every individual wiling to burn at the stake ignited by the fires of the collective ignorance there are millions of those who could not care less about…well…anything. Including themselves. What is the artificial intelligence entity to learn about humanity? How could any newly crated artificial entity define humanity except through its ability to perform inhumane acts.

Perhaps we should teach it how to create its own definition of humanity?


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