Our inability to comprehend and therefore understand and accept the true form of everything that exists outside of our bodies and minds leads us to believe that different elements of the universe need to represent themselves the way we need to represent them within our minds in order to understand them.

However, we must begin to realize that the universe, reality, or, more specifically, our perception of it as sets of physical objects, do not exist as self represented elements in any way whatsoever.

They are as they are.

Then we should strive to realize the nature of the representational systems we have crated in order to reduce them to their native states rather than continuing to increase the complexity of their respective languages of representation?

But the problem is we cannot begin to perceive their native states.

Even our understanding of their native states is expressed through representational systems.

But, therein, somewhere, is the clue to how to begin to move away from representational system to more direct systems with which to describe any observable phenomena.

Will continue later.


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