Racism or our civilization’s inability to negotiate the difference between the world’s native peoples and us, the white people or the European invaders, has got nothing to do with ‘the skin color’.

It has got everything to do with the fact that we, the European invaders, insist on using the economic system as ‘the system’ with which to manage the planet’s natural and artificial resources.

The conflict had occurred and continues into the present moment because the native peoples do not use the economic system to organize their lives. More specifically, they do not use the economic system as the tool with which to create their meaning. They do not acquire or create wealth, wealth meaning objects, in order to transfer their meaning onto it. To them everything that surrounds us is meaningful because they know that everything is connected to everything else. Consequently, to them money is irrelevant and love is infinite and unrelated to physical objects. Their concepts of family and love are shaped by compassion and collaboration, not by indifference and competition, for there is nothing to be taken, controlled or destroyed.

We, the European invaders, are very uncomfortable with the above mentioned ideology of compassion and collaboration because we had not learned how to master our fear of the natural world therefore had not learned how to collaborate with the natural world. The reason why we had not learned how to do so requires another article.

Therefore, our ‘western’ model, that is the economic system, is so aggressive and so destructive because we have not had to learn how to collaborate with one another and with the natural world.

Unfortunately, our pride is so great that we are still unwilling to acknowledge that our management system, the economic system, is destroying the planet. This is the key point. We, the European invaders, feel guilty, meaningless and inadequate when facing the native peoples because we had destroyed their native lands and now we are about the destroy the entire planet yet all along they have been offering us a simpler and better way to manage our natural and artificial resources.

It is because we refuse to acknowledge that our system is destructive, and their system more humane, that we have had to develop, albeit unconsciously, the superiority complex. The superiority complex is where the skin color comes in. We feel guilty, because we know our system is destructive yet we refuse to acknowledge our mistake (because of our inability or unwillingness to conquer and balance our individual and collective Id, Ego and Superego drives). Consequently, we define ourselves as ‘the superior race’ because it enables us to: A) justify our ignorance of the better solution, and therefore B) perpetuate the economic system and genocide.

Therefore, the skin color and more broadly ‘racism’ are nothing more than a tool with which we justify our ignorance created by the drives we refuse to acknowledge. We are white therefore we are more intelligent, more advanced, more civilized. Nonsense. We are doing it because we are unwilling to acknowledge that their system had been so advanced that at the time of our first contact we had been unable to comprehend its complexity that derives from its balance and unity. So we defined it as ‘primitive’.

We, the European invaders, are immature and like immature children we are unable to understand and perceive and accept the childish nature of our immaturity, therefore we throw tantrums. Immature and unable to accept our imperfections, we had developed the superiority complex and have been using it to justify an ongoing genocide.

Crimes so great the only way to deal with them is by ignoring them.

Unfortunately, our superiority complex and our willingness to justify genocide, or ignorance, are the ultimate proof of the uncivilized state of our minds and our actions.

We are the wild savages we fear. Our unwillingness to accept that we have been behaving like wild savages and that we continue to do so is what prevents us from changing.

Consequently, and sadly, we continue to hide behind the mask of self-declared civility.

Civility that does not exist in the real world. For in the west we do not know how to collaborate with one another or the natural world. We use and abuse one another and the natural world until there is nothing left. It is why we are killing it and one another.

Our only hope is to allow the native peoples to teach us how to love ourselves, one another and the natural world.

The saddest thing is, despite all our hate directed at these unearthly beautiful and gentle fellow human beings, their infinite love, with which they embrace the universe, continues to extend and welcome us.

Maybe, maybe, one day, before it’s too late, we will see it, allow it to touch us, and then, to transform us into beings of love, rather than fear and hate.

It isn’t the skin color that scares us, it is the ideas of selflessness and unconditional love that scare us, for we are not used to them and haven’t learned how to accept them.


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