I just commented on somebody’s observation that it is rather really difficult to figure out just what the hell is happening in a place like Washington DC.

Young reporters should know better, in big cities, like DC, London, New York, Sydney, Paris, Hong Kong, etc. etc., you do not play the system game in order to win. That is, you don’t try to end the game. It’s not how it works. There is no end game there. You get in, get what you can, by manipulating others, then you get out.

You cannot beat or defeat or change the game or the board on which it is played. The board is so big you cannot see its edges. It’s why the game continues, simply because it must. Its continuation, or more specifically, the false need to perpetuate it, is its key yet unwritten rule that all the players understand and accept. That’s why nothing ever changes.

Same with the entertainment industry, same with politics, same with economics, etc. You can’t make a difference by exposing truth. That’s childish stuff. You get swallowed up by the game or the system. Nobody in those places knows what the truth looks like. If you want to make a difference you have to get out of there and start something of your own, find likeminded people, organize them around it, and hope it takes off.

Reporting or trying to uncover the truth in a place like DC or New York or whatever is like wow how many lifetimes have you got to waste. If you are there you have to play the game, which means report bullshit. Nobody is there to help the guys at the bottom. They are there to get what they can, get out, and hand it over to their kids.

What the public sees is called ‘the mask’. The politics arena wears one mask, the entertainment industry wears another and so on and so forth. The mask conceals the selfish greedy ambitions and portrays them as noble public service agenda and other citizenry what not bullshit and nonsense. Feature films are investment strategies. Etc.

Once upon a time truth and art had dwelled within the walls of such fine institutions as governments and universities, unfortunately, that is no longer the case. They are no longer the tools serving communities and humanity. They are the tools used by the individuals at the top. Mostly to satisfy their personal delusions, which are often their own definitions of aesthetics, wealth, self importance and other self centred thus narcissistic constructs conveyed via the ancient hero and villain narrative model.


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