Nothing can and nothing will suppress human beings’ sense of curiosity.

We have reached the pinnacle of the technological achievement and at the same time the pinnacle of the individual and social oppression (for this particular period). Just like so many artists and scientists had in the past, when their empires had reached their technological and economic pinnacles.

The individual and social oppression systems occur at the same time as the technological peaks because the empires expand by supporting only those willing to ‘produce’ ‘products’ that promote the dominant ideologies that shape the given era.

Once again, in our current period, we are talking about the economic system and the value factor as its driving principle.

The need to digitize, publish, distribute, or make popular are the ideas that shape art and science ‘products’ of the day.

Individuals that refuse to concern themselves with the above are labeled as anti mainstream, anti social, but only because they are anti economic or against defining ‘humanities’ in terms of ‘economics’.

Humanity and, more importantly, its primary source, empathy, exist apart from the dominant ideological and practical system (the system) of the period.

Our collective failure to realize that humanity and empathy must exist apart from the dominant ideology or practice (the system) of any given period proves that the area entitled humanities is failing to perform its task.

Fear, hate, violence, wars and many other forms of primitive behaviors will continue to be perpetuated until humanities, that is art and sciences, become ‘a system’ rather than an element within a system (economic, religious, mystic, etc.).

ART that promotes religious experiences is not ART. ART that promotes economic experiences is not ART.

ART does not need to be executed, defined, or interpreted in terms of any known experience or systems. Why should it be?

As soon as its aim is to promote a particular pre existing construct, experience or idea, it stops being a record of an experience of the universe and becomes a design construct.

Similarly, particle physics formulas derived in order to create nuclear weapons cannot begin to perceive the complexity and randomness of the universe. Their objective is to avoid randomness and contain themselves within a specific quantity of space time in order manipulate it, thereby limiting our view of the universe.

Could we say that our existing narrative model (written, oral and visual) has been suppressing the violent instinct and turning into what we think is a constructive system of self actualization?

Could I say that the economic system is a product of a suppressed psyche. Is the economic system an acceptable way to release one’s tensions.

It had seemed like the economic solution could have worked.

Unfortunately, the economic system is not able to allow everyone to self actualize. Thus the original Id tensions, that is the instinct drives, remain, plus, now we have added the frustrations caused by the inability to self actualize via the economic model.

I believe that the true nature of the problem has been concealed for so long because the ratio of the number of people vs the amount of resources had been fairly positive. Not great but with an upward trend.

However, suddenly, within the last twenty five years, a number of events have occurred to reveal the true difficulties caused by the economic system.

I will focus on three of them.

Digital technology especially as it applies to data gathering, transport and logistics especially as it applies to people and infrastructure transportation, and the disappearance of the natural environment therefore natural resources.

The  three elements have been selected because they affect one another and create a compound effect.

Our improved ability to gather data, especially live data, that is live feeds rather than out of date information, revel how quickly infrastructure and population and are moving and expanding, which reveals the third factor that is the destruction of the natural environment.

It is very difficult for us to accept that our existing population and resource management practices are destroying our environments.

More specifically, it is possible for us, for the first time ever, to witness how technology, population, infrastructure, etc. affect the environment.

It should be easy to see how and why the economic system is not a viable way for an individual to self actualize.

I could summarize it by saying that there are not enough resources to construct enough products and environments to enable all to achieve what we have come to accept as an acceptable standard of living.

Naturally, scarcity must occur, therefore the only way to maintain the existing system is by perpetuating and increasing inequality, which increases stress and violence.


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