What causes conflicts and therefore violence to arise.

Differences in perception.

Why differences in perception.

Differences in perception occur because of the difference in the way we perceive, interpret, encode and communicate the world.

Why the difference in the way we interpret the world.

Because of the different intellectual and other habits. Patterns of behaviour.

Why the difference in habits (patterns of behaviour).

Because of ‘the natural difference’ in environments.

Different environments shape their occupants and their habits in different ways.

So could we say all differences are caused by the environment.

Scientifically speaking we could.

But then religions and spirituality are invoked.

Suddenly certain groups and their environments are created by gods or mystical beings and ‘their’ existence is more valid and therefore more valuable than some other existence.

Could we say that because we lacked science and scientific methods, modes of observation and models, to interpret the natural differences we had created, formulated and established imaginary ideologies (religion, spirituality, mysticism, etc.) in order to the observed differences. Physical that environmental differences and therefore the resultant ideological differences.

The problem is that the original non scientific explanation of the difference had been unscientific.

Because it is unscientific it cannot be disproved.

Each new  generation refreshed the religious, spiritual and mystical explanations into alleged up to date constructs.

The fact that such construct have not done a thing to end the violence since the day they had been created does not seem to bother anyone.

How could they end violence when they had separated humans into regional groups and therefore had created division therefore fear, hate, violence and ultimately destruction.


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