A deep and permanent sensation of peace comes from knowing and accepting the fact that most people cannot understand or accept your unwillingness to submit to the existing but outdated and therefore destructive modes of existence.

It’s a form of peace that is created within a place that understands that the only thing that matters in the universe is to learn how to love everyone and everything. Regardless of their feelings towards you.

When the objective becomes to love all beings and things, one can ignore others’ fears and hate because one does not focus on analyzing other beings and environments and their fears and hate.

One focuses on appreciating them, on loving them. One does not analyze them in order to use them, manipulate them, change them or destroy them. One does not even analyze them. One appreciates their existence.

Actually, it’s simpler than that. One observes them and becomes them. By observing so deeply, thus by not analyzing, one becomes them.

When this very process of knowing and accepting that all other human beings cannot understand and accept our current, personal need to grow and change and become more loving every day, because that is the best thing we can do with our lives, and that we cannot hate them because of their failure to understand and accept our need to exist in this state of peace, is experienced by all, that is when all fears and hate will disappear. Because that moment not one of us will hate or fear any other.

In that moment, the very need or desire or instinct (depending on your theoretical preference) to regard one another as anything other than loving beings or love itself will disappear.

Sadly, the only thing that stands in our ways is ourselves. No other being can force any one of us to hate or to love but ourselves.

The state I am talking about is not in sight but it if it does not occur it seems that destruction is the only possible alternative.

Regardless of any technological developments, the lines of division, theoretical and practical, can be erased only with love, which must manifest itself as theoretical and practical elements.

Yet this is our greatest theoretical problem.

We have convinced ourselves that we can experience love as some random fragments. A nice pair of socks, a nice car, a nice meal.

Love does not fragment the universe.

Love is the unity we fail to observer precisely because we continue to divide and fragment our very own perception and interpretation of our very own senses and therefore any sensations derived from them.

Particles don’t oppose one another. They exist in balance. As soon as one particle is removed another one takes its place and the entire universe is rebalanced. They are not trying to destroy one another they coexist with one another. One could say the entire universe shifts in order to compensate for one tiny disturbance.

Unfortunately we define the universe in terms of our own fears that’s why most never begin to see and appreciate its non violent state.

Antagonists and protagonists do not really exist.

It’s our desire to create our meaning through the self actualization process that causes us to use the environment and other beings in the way we think is the fastest way to self actualize .


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